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  1. Desert Racing
    From La Paz, we just got report of the Trophy Truck leaders through BFGoodrich's Pit 4 at San Ignacio, which is at race mile 542.75. They are technically just past the halfway point of the 1061.69-mile race course: 1. Gustavo Vildosola - 20:31 2. Roger Norman - 20:33 3. BJ Baldwin - 20:38 4...
  2. Desert Racing
    Pulled this from the archive, saved it from being purged! Forgot we had these cool things. Sinister Films did some awesome stuff for us in 2007. Check out Jim Beaver, Josh Baldwin, Kelly Courie, Rob MacCachern, Mark Post, Rick Huseman. At the Laughlin Leap and on-course racing action. Way cool...
  3. Desert Racing
    Roger Norman drove the last lap to victory after teammate Larry Roeseler had spotted him a 10 minute lead driving the first three of four laps in the No. 8 Norman Motorsports Ford F-150 race truck, capturing the overall and SCORE Trophy Truck victory Saturday the at the 13th Annual SCORE...
1-3 of 4 Results