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  1. Jeep Lounge
    I have a transmission that has T98-IZ on it. Does anyone knowwhat the IZ stands for/ Also what motors would it be directly compatable with?
  2. IH Scout & Trucks
    Hey Everyone, I have a 1979 Scout II - 345 engine with 727 automatic tranny.. I just wanted to see what type of tranny fluid is best? I am a PROUD new scout owner, and loving every minute of it. Thanks
  3. IH Scout & Trucks
    My transmission has started to slip (96,000 miles). How hard is it to rebuild the transmission? I have never rebuilt a trans. but I have changed many clutches and done other major repairs. 304 V8 with automatic and 4x4. All factory equipped. And obviously I am on a tight budget.
  4. Jeep-Mid-Sized
    My 99 Cherokee with 4.0 and AW4 has poured transmission fluid all over the place twice. Both times has been when it is very hot outside. The only reason I noticed it was because of huge clouds of smoke where it is burning on the exhaust. It is difficult to tell just where it is coming from...
  5. ATV Lounge
    A friend give me a Polaris Predator Size 90 and it has been setting up for a few months. I broke the carb down and cleaned it, and all the usual things one should do in this matter, and charged the battery. when I hit the starter switch, it acts like the starter is locked up or something. The...
  6. GM Standard IFS Trucks & SUV's
    Hello every one i am new to this forum and i just wanted share that my suburban started acting funny this morning i and i am going to take it to the shop this week but before i did so, i wanted to get some expert advice from you all:confused: my suburban started fine as i drove on the...
  7. Utility/4x4 ATVs
    I have a 2008 Honda TRX 420 4x4 and I want to enlarge the final ratio in order to have less rpm at same speed. I think the standard ratio let the motor run high at low speeds. I don't use it to transport dead animals or bales or whatever. I just want to have a 4x4 that can carry me through the...
1-7 of 7 Results