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  1. Rally / Enduro
    TransAnatolia Ralli Raid 2012 katilimci listesi ve rotasi belirlendi, 4 Eylul gunu yaris basliyor, yaris rota ve katilimci listesi ile ilgili olarak asagidaki linkleri veriyorum, kusura bakmayin turkce :( liste: TransAnatolia 2012 Off Road Katilimci Listesi - Land Rover Yedek Parça ve Off Road...
  2. Rally / Enduro
    Transanatolia 2012 will start on 09.04.2012, this is cross country type rally which is similar to dakar, it is in Turkiye, offical web site is: link: TransAnatolia I've written a some info about this event but is in turkish, sorry if you do not speak. link: TransAnatolia Rally Raid, 4-11...
1-2 of 2 Results