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  1. GM Standard IFS Trucks & SUV's
    4wd problems 1998 Chevy K-1500 1998 Chevy K-1500 (Cheyenne Trim) regular Cab/Short Wheelbase Lever Shift NP241C Transfer Case ; 5 speed manual (MG5) ; 5.0L/305 V8 (L30); 160,000+ miles. Key points and observations: - Indicator Light Works. - 4wd is engaging - both low and high ranges -...
  2. Jeep-Short Wheelbase
    I have a 1976 cj5 renegade with a rebuilt 304v8. i replaced just about everything else under the hood when i bought it. it was running fine untill recently it started to lose power when i accelerate. it feels like i trying to pull something thats weighs way more than my jeep can pull. it also...
1-2 of 2 Results