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  1. General 4X4 and Off-Road
    I have recently got a 2008 2WD yukon. I used to be big into the lifts, tires, etc. when I was younger but have lost touch with newer vehicles. I used to drive a 1985 blazer with a 9" superlift, 38.5 superswamper TSLs. Then went to a Ford expedition with a smaller set up (bad choice, had alot of...
  2. General 4X4 and Off-Road
    Hello, Im a brand new member to Off-road Forums. First off My names Christian, I'm 16 yrs old. and I live in Oregon. I currently have a 2004 GMC Sierra 1500 EXT cab. I already have good tires, And I don't want to go up any sizes. I have Hankook Mud Terrain 33's. But I was curious as to see what...
1-2 of 2 Results