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  1. Tire Tips, What Works Best
    I have a 1966 Scout 800 4cyl 152. I am having trouble deciding what direction I want to take it. The scout is all stock and i could either keep it stock or change some parts out. If I end up changing parts out I would put on scout 2 axles, a scout 2 power steering box, stronger engine, and...
  2. Tire Tips, What Works Best
    I am trying to convert my 1966 IH scout 800s steering to power steering what is the best steering box for the job? What else might i have to replace? Speedy
  3. IH Scout & Trucks
    Its a 72 scout pickup 3 speed manual with a 345. Its a Fire truck on our local fire dept. It has very very low miles. zero Rust. The Dept bought it new and it has been shedded its entire life. It runs once every month but never leaves the barn cause nobody wants to drive the man killer in a fire...
1-3 of 3 Results