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  1. General 4X4 and Off-Road
    Mad Media is pleased to present exclusive coverage of the "2010 General Tire Mint 400." Held just north of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Mint is an annual off-road race that began in 1967. Called the "The Great American Desert Race" in the mid-70s, it features a legendary 400-mile course considered by...
  2. Short Course Racing
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Corona, CA (December 9th, 2009), Determined, Fearless, Unstoppable We are proud to announce that has gone live. Most cannot confidently say that they are familiar with Chad 's career. The new website is the key to changing that. Easy to...
  3. Short Course Racing
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Corona, CA (December 4th, 2009) Hart and Huntington/PMG teams Up With MAV-TV For the Challenge Cup The Challenge Cup is certain to be an action packed event full of all out racing. For this single weekend of competition taking place in Lake Elsinore at the Lucas Oil...
1-3 of 3 Results