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  1. IH Scout & Trucks
    Hey, I'm a first-time restorer working on an 1971 International ScoutII. I need some help with my engine. The existing one, from what I've read, should be an IH 304. However, the numbers don't match and I need to make sure that's what it is before I replace or fix it. The number on the side of...
  2. Jeep-Short Wheelbase
    Can anyone recommend an air intake that will fit my AMC 258 i6? I'm looking to add some performance parts to the engine. Or should i go with a new carb first? I appreciate your time if you respond. I'm new here and looking for advice. Thanks, Tom
  3. Jeep Lounge
    I have a transmission that has T98-IZ on it. Does anyone knowwhat the IZ stands for/ Also what motors would it be directly compatable with?
  4. GM Standard IFS Trucks & SUV's
    I have a 94 gmc sierra c1500 5.7 that is ready to retire. I can't afford a new truck so I'm going to build this one. I want to build it for towing and was wondering if any one had an opinion on a gas, smog legal motor. I see that there was a 6.5 available that year. I was also considering a...
  5. Jeep-Short Wheelbase
    I have a 1976 cj5 renegade with a rebuilt 304v8. i replaced just about everything else under the hood when i bought it. it was running fine untill recently it started to lose power when i accelerate. it feels like i trying to pull something thats weighs way more than my jeep can pull. it also...
1-5 of 5 Results