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  1. Dodge 4x4 vehicles
    I am thinking about buying a dodge dakota 1990 with the v6 i think 3.9l? its in pretty good shape body wise and has 205k miles... Should i pay 1500 for it? it was owned by the city as a work truck first then this guy bought it from them. He never drove it, now he is just trying to get some cash...
  2. Dodge 4x4 vehicles
    i have a 2005 dodge dakota club (extended) cab and i want to raise it up. i want to but a lift kit but i was wondering if i could do two kits together? I am looking at this kit... Dodge Body Lifts -- -- 2005-2006 Dodge Dakota 2wd & 4wd regular, extra & quad cab...
1-2 of 2 Results