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  1. Jeep-Short Wheelbase
    I have a 1979 CJ7 with a 360 motor with a manual transmission. I recently replaced the Motorcraft MC2150 with a remanufactured unit. The motor idles with no stumbling and stays steady at 500 RPM. When it's cold or I warm it up (temp normal, choke plate is completely open) the motor stumbles...
  2. Vintage Dirtbikes
    Hi all, I have rebuilt this gem. I can get it to start and it idles fine. However when I give it throttle in first gear (from barely moving) it bogs. I also tried to tune the carb I thought I had it tuned ok then when I rocked the bike back and forth it stalled. I've checked the floats and they...
1-2 of 2 Results