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Samurai202 10-04-2001 01:13 PM

lift question
This is my first zook, I wanna take my time and build it right. It's an 87Samurai JX, soft top. I just bought it the odmeter says 68,000, I am thinkin probably a 168,000 is more realsitic. I have not got to drive it much as I am still waitin for the title The throttle response seems to be good. It has no exaust or plates for the moment, hence I have not drove it much. I have drove it around the block, let it idle for about half an hour, no oil leaking from what I can tell. So anyway if you look under the veh. You can see oil near the either rear main or oil pan that has been built up and the wind has blown it back to the differential. It is old oil not since I have had it. So my plans are this this week I am gettin an exaust I was thinkin a straight 2" or 2 1/4 with a glass packs muffler. Then I am putting on my 2" shackles. I have removed the front bumper, put a 6" piece of angle iron across the frame ends. I have hammered down the seams inside the front wheel wells, cut the rear bumper side attachment deals off and cut the rear wheel wells some. I am wondering if I could run 30 x 9.5 tires with the mods I have made and installing the shackles, or would it be better to run the 235 75 15's. If anyone knows would there be much of a power difference off road. I don't intend to go with a bigger than a 30" tall tire ever unless I can afford to regear. I will be doing a spoa as soon as I figure out that the motor and everything is going to last awhile.

So I guess my questions are these:
1. With the little bit of driving and idling it has been doing would I be able to see if it were leaking out oil(also the engine capartment looks fairly clean, it may have been rebuilt some time ago)?

2. With the mods I have made(including the 2" lift shackles) what tire (taking into consideration clearence, veh. power, and stability) would be best; the 235 or the 30 x 9.5

3. Ideas on exaust tube diameter?(I am thinking 2" is about as wide as you should go)

87 Samurai. S-10 Buckets. Cherry Bomb exaust.
If you ain't wheelin get outa here!

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