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Sami with a BLOWER?

I was conversing with satchmo88 about his ram air conversion, and it got me to thinkin. Here is the situation.

What I have already done: take the induction tube out from behind the battery and direct it toward the front of the vehicle (between the radiator and the passenger headlight.

What he went on to do: Took a 5" tube and put a reducer on it to make it fit onto the induction tube. Therefore making the opening of the tube now 5" and enabling it to catch and bring in more air.

A STEP FURTHER: What would happen if you then took and put a 5" electric fan in the end of the tube to suck in even more air? You know like a fan in the back of a computer or something. This would be sort of like a blower right?

Another issue: I am running a stock carb with all its lovely vacume lines. Will doing this(or just what he did, because I don't know if he runs a stock carb or what) weird out my stock carb. I would think this will change the mixture and on a Webber you would just have to tune it differently. But on a stock carb what will it do, just make the adjustments it's self with the changes presented to the vacume system or something?

Just thought I would look into this because if it would work it would be a great engine mod for under 20 bucks! Perfect for those of us who are low on cash but still looking for MORE POWER!

Let me know what y’all think, if it might be worth a try I will do it this weekend.

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Re: Sami with a BLOWER?

More than likely such a small fan will not flow enough air to make a difference. In fact I would think it would restrict the air flow.

Also pointing the air induction tube foward is a good way to gulp some water if you ever get in the mud or cross creeks (been there, done that with a Cherokee). Something to consider.

A couple of things I did when I still had the stock carb was to advance the timing, and remove the throttle pedal stop (on the back of the pedal). It ran a little hotter, but seemed to have more throttle at the top end.

One of the biggest restrictions is the stock exhaust. I don't know about anyone elses but the down tube from the manifold to the cat converter had a smaller pipe inside the main pipe. I've since removed it and it sounds much better (also have a full 2" exhaust now.)

I would think until you free up your exhaust, your not going to make to much gains in the intake side.

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Re: Sami with a BLOWER?

If it was that simple then you would see $6.95 turbo kits being sold at JC Whitney and Pep Boy's. Your idea would not work since the average computer fan spins at 6,000RPM and puts out around 35CFM of air. The stock Samurai carburetor probably draws more than 200CFM (best guess) so that fan would only restrict and slow the air going into the carb.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of pressure a turbo generates, a turbo impeller spins at 120,000 to 130,000RPM and my wastegate pops at 16PSI boost however it can go as high as 30PSI. Even if you attached an electric leaf blower to the intake, on average they only put out around 600CFM of air.

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Re: Sami with a BLOWER?

keith_indy pretty much hit the nail on the head...

The best thing to do to improve your engine perfomance short of a replacement carb or other really expensive stuff is to replace the exhaust system with a good exhaust manifold (Thorley or similar) and a big, honkin' exhaust system.

I put 2.25" pipe, a flow-through muffler, the Cat and a Thorley manifold on just after I bought my Sami. The change was very noticable! It worked EVEN BETTER once I rebuilt the engine.

You get what you pay for and I can't imagine that any $7.00 "improvement" that creates the risk of your engine ingesting water on the trail is worth it. I can't imagine any performance improvement even on the road. If there was, I would have on my Samurai...

Ackerdackerly and

'Ol Yellow Wheels before...
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Re: Sami with a BLOWER?

Go to, they sell a 1 and 2 psi fan supercharger.

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Re: Sami with a BLOWER?

This may sound rather stupid, but on my '88 ragtop I took off the hot air diverter on the air box, installed a canning funnel in the space between the radiator and headlight like you suggested and connected the canning funnel to the air box with flexible tubing and stainless band clamps. Plugging the vaccum hose points with hose and screws. Sort of a poor man's ram air. This arrangement along with a K&N filter seemed to improve the fuel milage, but didn't do much for power.

Two drawbacks, as another poster indicated, this does nothing for your stream crossing ability and I had to clean the bugs off the filter frequently (I was in grad school in Souther IN, land of lots of bugs and incredible humidity). The accumulation of bugs on the filter lead me to believe that I was getting more colder air directly to the carb. I reinstalled the hot air diverter and tube for winter driving. On my current '86 hardtop, I just got an additional air box, plugged off the vaccum tubes and drilled out all the extra material around the air box with a hole saw. I don't think this works as well as the canniing funnel deal, but the space were the canning funnel would go is now taken up by the parkining light assembly when I installed my homemade aluminum bumper.

I think that over my lifetime I have spent hundreds maybe thousands of dollars on these no cost/low cost ideas that only work marginally well. Spending a dollar to same a time. But it is fun.

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