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Re: Oops and DOH !!!! Extemely Long

Ten minutes after we got my SPOA on I was high centered along side a busy street, 3 feet from payement and headed onto private property. Zoomy4 was sitting in the passenger seat yelling, "Punch it, punch it; don't stop!" as I teetered back and forth atop a 5ft. berm...

AARRRRRRRG! 1987 Red JX 'vert, 4.5 BREEZE SPOA, SJ410 T-case (not sure how I like it), 29 Super Swampers (31 BFG M/T knock offs - eventually) AARRRRRRRG!
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Re: Oops and DOH !!!! Extemely Long

Danny, ain't that always the case? We always do the stupid things in the winter when we're the least clothed for it. No shovel, running shoes with no socks instead of boots, no hat, no gloves, thin jacket and it's -30 out with a fierce wind. But hey, we're only leaving the driveway for a few minutes and we'll be right back, right?

Here's another one. Christmas at Mom and Dad's and we're teenagers (17 I think). My cousin has his brand new '86 Mazda 4x4 pick-up outside. He's braggin' about how good it is through deep snow. I say "let's take it out in the field". He let's me drive. It wasn't as good as he thought it was through deep snow..... Again, we're dressed up in our "nice" clothes and it's cold as hell outside. Boy that was fun.

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Re: Oops and DOH !!!! Extemely Long

I've got a whoops myself. I'm 21 and have had a total of 3 trucks. 2 Jeeps and my pride and joy! @ 18years I had an ole 85~86 or so jeep cherokee with a 2.5 litre and a bad crank. The thing was great for wheeling. Rainy night looking for some mud with friends, ahhhh, found it! There is an industrail park about 2 miles from my place. 2 main retention ditches and 1 large field (fun place!). I get going in one ditch with stock tires and 4 people total. wooo it gets boggy! 1st gear low and to the floor just about stalling, but I get through. Those ruts I made prob will never go away! After 4 years and 2 other trucks and many friends these ruts are getting very deep. So a day or so after a nice rain (ground is nice and wet) after work I was minding my own business and kinna sorta tresspassing again (for like the umpteenth time) and going through the ditch. Low and behold I high center in the now 1'x1' ruts that match the suzuki's tires perefectly. No winch, no jack, no strap, nothing. *sigh*, after a call to Mom and a friend stoping by I get out. Just last week I was wheeling down there again, bouncing over the ruts, going through the small shallow ones and making new ones... The tires must have had a mind of their own. Low and behold I'm back in the dag gum ruts high centered again, all 4 wheels spinning. *sigh* again.. Atleast I had the stock sissor jack handy and jacked one side up on the nerf bars enought to put a bunch of 2x2's under the tires to get out. It worked great.
I had the winch gear with me, but since there were steel buildings on both sides, no winch point. My ingenieousness thought of burring a 4x4 in the muck and pulling myself out with that (I remember that from an off road web page from a while back, I think it was a competetion but they were using railroad ties and not some 2' long 4x4 in gooey mud). Sure enough, the ground gave way and made a mess of everything. As above I used the jack to get some boards under the tires. I was also using my strap and 2 comealongs attached to some stair hand rails (that was a good idea, righhhhhttt....), nothing bad happened but I sure put a lot of force on that. Thank God nothing gave way! Always keep a comealong and a jack with you! Other stuff is nice unless you've got a daily driver...

got zook? I do, 88.5!
29x10.5 SS TSL SX* Calmini Header,SPOA,Lights, Dupicolor,Z-bar,Xenon lights,diamond plate rockers,tubes front/rear/sides!
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Re: Oops and DOH !!!! Extemely Long

i feel your pain scott! but ahhh I still love ya! You know, if you guys have photos of this stuff when you do it...It would make great articles for the IZOOK.com site, i am looking for contributing authors for the trails section...You don't get paid, but it is a great way to share your stories!... I will even change the names to protect the embarrassed!!

Love rae

Sooner or Later you will be shown the light, In the strangest of places if you look just right.
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Re: Oops and DOH !!!! Extemely Long

day one : go to indiana fab fest at badlands,have fun,truck goes every where i want to ,feel like i am on top of the world .
day two :while enjoying my newly cut door hinges amd fold down kit from a sj 410 it rains hard!!!!!! unhappaly soaked zuk.go home remove strap,com-a-long,jack ect.from zuk so they can dry out.
day three: drive to indy to pick up friend,drive to haspen acres to wheel,there ten minutes,get frame hung up on a drop off with front wheels hanging off no posi....i'm screwed,i procide to reach behind seat for com-a long/jack... relize they are hanging on the wall in the garage at home.its getting dark...on a sunday ...not to many people left in the park ....sand rail come and snatches me off the drop-off backwards.
drive home in shame cause i had not business going down that trail with out getting out to see what was over the rise.feeling like a dumb*ss cause i forgot my recovery gear.
eating humble pie cause i thought my zuk could do anything.
the funny thing is it was all worth it, for the look on the guys face who helped me out could only mean one thing...
what in the heck does this guy think hes driving ?.i just about laughed my butt off.

proud owner of the SUPER stock zuk. :-)
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Re: Oops and DOH !!!! Extemely Long

Thank you Lady and Gentlemen, I do feel slightly better knowing I'm not the only one to experience this type fiasco. Slightly. Lots of work ahead of me now swapping all my suspension and engine/drivetrain over to my stocker known as "The Bruise". I'm a little gun-shy now though, this body was near the end of life anyway due to rust but the one I'm swapping over to is rust free and had I done the same foolishness to it I would be exceedingly bummed. Maybe with the lesson so fresh, I won't due anything too foolish soon. It was great hearing from so many friends, thank you folks. Tim, of course you can use the story in anyway you want though I count myself luck there were no cameras handy.

Scott Whitmore
"It's not that it's able to do the job. It's that it does the job so well"
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Re: Oops and DOH !!!! Extemely Long

I have an "I DON'T LIKE SCOTT" sticker, does that count? Glad you're ok albeit with a little tree rash.

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Re: Oops and DOH !!!! Extemely Long

I tried to get one of those stickers at the Melt but he is so hated that there were none left!

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Re: Oops and DOH !!!! Extemely Long

Many years ago I had an experience with my FJ40 that I'll never forget. I was wheeling with several friend and their vehicles when we came to a part of the trailthat was shaped like a "v" on a downhill run. No one wanted to give it a try as it did look dangerous. Foolish me decides to give it a try. I proceded slowly, running the tires on the sides of the "V". Out of nowhere, the wheel is suddenly ripped out of my hands and before I have time to react, the cruiser ends up straddling the "v" with only 2 tires diagonaly, on terra firma. The motor stalled and what seemed like an eternity, the cruiser teeter totered back and forth as if deciding if it should dump on it's side (my side). My side dropped down and I yelled to the young lady accompaning me to lean (the other way). Miraculously, it stopped the roll and allowed my friends to run down the trail to stabilize the cruiser (which in hindsight was dangerous and stupid as well). This allowed me to restart and inch it back down so all wheels were on the ground. I was so shaken up by this, that I forgot to put it in gear (early TLC's didn't have a syncro first gear). As I desended and speed increased, I realized my mistake, but it was too late. The resulting ride would have given any die hard roller coaster lover a thrill. It was like the Millenium Falcon going into Hyperdrive..... You get the picture.
I was quite lucky that I didn't dump it on it's side and slide down the rest of the way and even luckier than I didn't lose total control and kiss a tree(s). The lessons learned remain with me today, as fresh as it was 20+ years ago.
You are in good company Scott......

All Good Medicine,

Creator, everything we do leaves a track. May our tracks be ones we would want you to see and others to follow......

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