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ZuksRule 06-21-2001 05:15 PM

Tail lights, 3 wires to 2 idea
I finally got a new rear bumper so now I have to wire in some lights. I just want one light on each side. Tail, stop, turn, all in one. Could i just use the hot wire for my turn signals as my groung wire for the light? It seems like that would make it flash with the turn signal? Or is there a better way to do it? Thanks.

'88 Sami. Moderately modified. Two track mind ;)

rangerrick 06-21-2001 09:09 PM

Re: Tail lights, 3 wires to 2 idea
Hi Ryan,I have found on some of these foreign cars ,some of the wires play two rolls.One time its hot the it becomes a ground depending on a switch being used somewhere.When I replaced my dome light it was self grounding and also has a ground wire.I hooked up the wire and my key buzzer stayed on.When I did my driving lights ,once wired they would not shut off.SO be careful and test all leads you will use and buy a handful of fuses,RR


**DONOTDELETE** 06-21-2001 09:43 PM

Re: Tail lights, 3 wires to 2 idea
American cars are wired to where the turn signal element is also the brake light element, same element two jobs. This is accomplished through the turn signal switch. Japanese vehicles use a different light element for each function, ie. right turn, left turn, brake, clearance. You can buy a trailer adapter to go between a Jap car and a trailer wired with 3 wires rt. turn(&brake), lft.turn(&brake) and clearance. These adapters cost from $20-$30 and are available at most any auto parts store. Just get a generic one and wire it in ahead of the back bumper.

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