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Anton 05-20-2001 08:13 PM

Backup Lights
When im doing all the mods to the rear of my zuk, (i just finished putting in my new tail/brake/turn lights on the tail gate) i want to put in some really bright backup lights. I picked up these badass tractor 'lamps' (looks a lot like an off-road light but in a rubber casing), and i want to mount them on the ends of my bumper.. I tried them out first using the battery as a power source then the little stock backup light wires. I didnt notice much difference in the brightness, and using the little stock wires, i held it there for about 30 seconds, they didnt get warm at all.. So does this mean i dont have to Use a relay? I really want to get these mounted

zukidude 05-20-2001 09:45 PM

Re: Backup Lights
they will prob work like that but I would use a relay and run a heavier guage wire...

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Anton 05-20-2001 10:23 PM

Re: Backup Lights
Ok. I installed the lights on my rear bumper with these brackets i made, but i made them too short, the pin i use to hold my swing away tyre carrier to the bumper hits the light, so i had to tilt it up.. oh well, make a new one on tues. the other side is ok.
When i turn them on, wow its bright (very very bright).. Ill wire it on a relay later anyway...

**DONOTDELETE** 05-21-2001 05:10 AM

Re: Backup Lights
Anton if your fuse are sized correctly fuse should blow
before a meltdown occurs. Week ago replace front to rear
wire hornace some person over fused on defective trailer
hitch lights caused total melt down on all wires knock out
all rear lights and gas gauage. Orginal rear backup lights
pull a load of 3.78 Amp. rate Sam back up light wire 7 amp
max. hornace and 10amp open air continous. Back up light
switch on trans is a different story switch is really
to small to even operate oem back lights continous.

I agree zukidude post relay and extra wire my save you in
big time.

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