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AZ not to good

Well it all started when I cracked the #4 piston skirting on the sammy. So a friend of mine said call Asian auto parts Dave there is great. So I did and I spoke with some one there who was not Dave. The person was helpful and nice. So I got all of my info together and called back to order my parts. I called back and spoke with the same guy (not Dave) and placed my order. The man said it would be about 5 days. So I took the motor apart and got it ready. & days go by no parts?????? I call and leave a message???? I email no response????? So I called a bunch of times finally I get Dave. I asked where are my parts oh we had to get the pistons in they will be here tomorrow Ok I thought and said this will be another 5 days. I let 6 more days go by and tried again to get a hold of him that took about 2 days in it's self. Finally I get a hold of him Dave where are my parts!?!?! Looks up my order but oh yea that right HE DIDN"T HAVE IT!!!!!!!!! So I reordered. And he said he would over night them and pay for it and give me a locker at his cost. Not to bad for waiting 4 or 5 weeks for my parts when I was told they would be here in 5 days the first time! So I get the parts in no prob. I call back about the locker well as if I need to say more that was a whole deal in it's self. He said he was waiting on getting them. Then he couldn't get them.... This went on for about 2 or 3 weeks and I finally said enough is enough!!! I am a person who drives his sammy every day and I need it! I was down for 5 weeks and only should have been for 5 days! You can not have a business if you can't supply your customers in a timely manner!!!! If this is a one-man operation than hire someone else or quit!!!! Not replying to emails and phone messages is not a good way to gain business. I am posting this for the guys that drive their sammies everyday and can not afford to be down and out for over a month!!!!!!!!!
I have sence gon to Trail Tuogh and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I had ordered a rebuild kit for my T-case and they sent me a tranny rebuld kit. I called the day I got it and they were very sorry. They overnighted the new part and sent me a free tshirt (whitch is very cool).

Below was my email to him and his response to me.

----- Original Message -----
From: Devin Van Fleet
To: Sales
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2001 4:15 PM
Subject: Disappointed Customer

Well Dave it looks like you came out on top and I came out with the short end of the stick
once again. If you remember I am the poor bastard that bought the engine rebuild kit from you
and had to wait 4 weeks to get. You told me you were going to sell me a locker at your cost
of _______. You told me that you had them and you didn't. Just like I was told that my motor
parts were on their way to me the first time in 5 days then the 2nd time they had left and they
didn't and the third time I called you said you lost my order and were going to get them rite out
to me over night which they did come and you paid the freight. But I was with out a car for that
time and now you are jerking me around with this little locker. I have been nagging you for a
couple of weeks trying not to nag too much. Then you tell me you can't get them and to go
to another dealer who as you put it can take care of me if I beg him. I don't feel you could even ask
me to call him and do that after what I have been through with your company and the patience
I have had with you (you have to admit I have been good about this whole thing). I am not mad
just disappointed in you and your company's performance.
I am sorry that I feel this way and will never be able to do busness with you or tell any of my
friends about your web sight.

his reply,

I am not on Top...I am at My Lowest Point right now!

I do all I can (by myself) to help every guy that calls or emails me for parts. I have dropped the
parts that caused me to get behind on orders. You are totally correct...I sure screwed up with you.

It is messages like this one, that have me thinking it all over...should I keep going, or should I

I hate it when I get behind, it is not my intention to cheat anyone, or cause them to be without their
Samurai running.

I am truly Sorry for this whole ordeal I have put you through.

Best Regards to You.

Dave King

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Re: AZ not to good

so you didn't get screwed by Dave, he did get everything but the locker to you? I think about that time, everyone was out of lockers for a long time......

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Re: AZ not to good

I ordered a rebuilt head and a complete engine rebuild kit from him in March and didnt get the stuff in till mid April. But Dave told me right up front that he had to wait to get the reground cam in and rebuild the head and it would take some time. So I waited and after a month I got everything I ordered no fuss no muss.

From what I know about Dave is that he is a normal guys who likes working on ZUKs and decided to open a business to help out fellow ZUKer's, and after talking to him I realized that he was not in the business to make a killing or get one over on anyone. Just plain simple down to earth person.

If you were in such a hurry to fix your ZUK then you should have called one of the other mail order places and seen if they could have provided you what you needed quicker. And I dont think Dave would have thought ill of you for doing it.

"Happiness is a Belt Fed Weapon!"
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Re: AZ not to good

So let me get this straight. This is your only transportation and you took it apart 5 days before the parts were supposed to arrive? Anyone else see the problem here? How naive do you have to be to think everything in this world runs like clockwork. Here's a tip: no matter who the vendor is, don't take it apart until you have the parts in hand. You never know when their supplier is going to fumble the ball, or if the post office is going to send it to China first, or it will get lost in the days paperwork.

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Re: AZ not to good

As a pro that deals with cars and parts every day....there is no way better to have parts problems then to take something apart before the parts get to you....If you do they will be:wrong:damaged in shippment:short one piece(but they will bill you for it):not pass a QC check that I give everything......and on and on....but I think you'll get the idea

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Re: AZ not to good

For those that didn't see my post a couple of weeks ago, I too had a long wait for an engine rebuild kit from Dave. However, when the parts finally got here, the good old U.S. Postal Service had been the problem. Dave shipped the parts 4/3 and they arrived around 4/20. These were shipped Priority Mail. The bad part was that I was charged for Priority Mail, about $20, and got less than ground mail service, through no fault of Dave's.
That is why I posted a public apology to him because I had also made a public rant regarding this subject.

Larry Robertson
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Re: AZ not to good

I too waited on parts, but I was told by Dave that I would have to wait. He had things happen beyond his control. But he did cut me a great deal, and when I told him I was approching dire straits, Dave went out of his way to make sure my parts got here ASAP, including costing himself some money to make it happen. Everybody has good and bad experiences with different suppliers. I think what you have to do is seperate what they can control from what they can't, and when you have a gripe, tell the facts and leave infuriating post like the first one from this string out of it.
My thoughts,

If you've never been scared, you've never been wheelin'!

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Re: AZ not to good

My opinion is that we ALL should make sure we have the straight AND complete story right before we go flaming a vendor. Also, we need to make sure the vendor knows all of the facts and has had ample opportunity to rectify the matter. There are a lot of "hand-offs" that have to happen in order to get parts to our doors.

I'm just thankful that there ARE people like Dave King, and Rudy Mills, and Gary Munck, and Brent Bradshaw who cater to the Suzuki market. Without them we'd be trying to order everything from Suzuki OEM and then wouldn't have the aftermarket stuff we currently do.

When I ordered a replacement oil pan for my Sami from Petroworks, Rudy told me right up front that he was not sure how long it would take. He gave me the option of a used oild pan, but I already had one of those...I wanted a brand new one. At least I had pursued and gotten options from him. BTW, it only took about 1.5 weeks to get the pan.

It's pretty embarrassing to flame a vendor and then find out they've been involved personally with a serious family matter...look before leaping...take off shoe and wash feet before cramming into mouth.

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Re: AZ not to good

This is this guys second post, his first was also slamming Dave, in fact, ALL 3 of them are slamming Dave.

I have never ordered from Dave, haven't had the need yet, but I see him regularly on this BBS, so I'd have no problems ordering from him, or Glenn, or Tim, or any of the regulars.

Problems do happen, and we don't always know the reasons behind them. From the reply he gave you, I'd bet something was up, a lot more than your precious parts.

I ordered from Tennessee Off-Road, great guys, who had some coil springs shipped to me. The order was lost coming from Australia, so it had to be re-ordered. It finally took a month, but it was no problem, I hadn't removed the old springs yet so I could still drive it.

Dave has been a good, loyal, and faithful supplier of parts, heck, we just got a Zuki and I know of his reputation. If there was a recurring trend of being late or messing up, I'd start to wonder, but not on this one post, which is your second, and with no e-mail or even name in your profile. Looks like a hit and run poster to me, I give them a LOT less credit than they deserve.

Winter Harbor, Maine
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Re: AZ not to good

Dave has been a good, loyal, and faithful supplier of parts, heck, we just got a Zuki and I know of his reputation. If there was a recurring trend of being late or messing up, I'd start to wonder, but not on this one post, which is your second, and with no e-mail or even name in your profile. Looks like a hit and run poster to me, I give them a LOT less credit than they deserve.

Thanks. but some days I just plain "Suck"

DaveAZ (reading up on these messages while in Iowa)

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