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OT Manitobas new driver licence laws SUCK

Heres the new laws which will be taking place soon.. This sucks.

> The Manitoba Government distributed the following news release at an
> announcement held this morning at the DDVL office at 1075 Portage Avenue
> in Winnipeg. Manitoba Public Insurance does expect the introduction of
> the graduated driver licence program to impact enrollment levels in MPI's
> Driver Education Program. The anticipated effects of this impact will be
> studied carefully over the next few months and staff will be kept apprised
> as more details become known.
> Manitoba Public Insurance supports activities that will help prevent the
> injuries and deaths that occur in this high-risk age group.
> April 27, 2001
> - - -
> Ashton Introduces GDL Program Framework
> Transportation and Government Services Minister Steve Ashton today
> announced that the Manitoba government is moving ahead with a new
> Graduated Driver Licence (GDL) program.
> "Experience in other jurisdictions clearly shows that GDL reduces
> accidents and saves lives," said Ashton. "Manitoba's GDL program
> designed to support all novice drivers, regardless of age, in becoming
> safer drivers. This will lead to safer roads and will benefit all of
> Statistics for Manitoba indicate that that for every 1,000 novice drivers,
> there are 142 accidents compared to 43 accidents for experienced drivers.
> "Due to inexperience, novice drivers are more likely to be involved in
> accidents than other drivers," said Ashton. "In other provinces
we have
> seen reductions of up to 37 per cent in the number of accidents as a
> result of GDL. Manitoba's approach will allow new drivers an opportunity
> to develop their skills so that we can reduce the number of accidents on
> Manitoba roads."
> Manitoba's Graduated Driver Licence program applies to all novice drivers,
> regardless of age, and consists of three stages: learner, intermediate and
> full licence. Each stage will have increasing levels of responsibility,
> consistent with the demonstrated ability of the driver.
> The first novice driver initiative will restrict all novice drivers,
> regardless of age, to a zero blood alcohol content. The zero alcohol
> restriction will apply to all existing and upcoming drivers in three
> categories: learner licences, probationary licences and motorcycle
> instruction permits. Subject to the legislation passing and regulations
> being approved, this change is scheduled to come into force Oct. 1, 2001.
> The second initiative is scheduled to apply to all new drivers obtaining a
> learner licence on or after April 1, 2002. It will require a nine-month
> learning period for new drivers before taking a road test. This means a
> learner, after successfully completing a road test, will be able to obtain
> an intermediate stage licence as early as the age of 16 years, three
> months, if enrolled in a drivers education program. In the intermediate
> stage, drivers will be able to drive unaccompanied, subject to minimal
> restrictions.
> "The combination of alcohol and inexperienced drivers is a lethal mix
> endangers the lives of Manitobans every day," said Ashton. "These
> initiatives will help us create a safer environment during the critical
> early stages of driving."
> In addition to the two new initiatives, certain restrictions will apply to
> drivers depending on the licence stage, such as requirements for a
> supervising driver, limitations on the number of passengers and
> restrictions on the towing of vehicles.
> For example, a novice driver will be able to enter the learners stage as
> early as 15 years, six months, if enrolled in a drivers education course.
> In this stage, all drivers will be required to have a supervising driver
> and maintain a zero blood alcohol content.
> In the intermediate stage, novice drivers must continue to maintain a zero
> blood alcohol content and will be required to remain in this stage for 15
> months. Intermediate stage drivers will be able to drive largely
> unrestricted during specific hours. Fully licensed drivers will be
> required to maintain a zero blood alcohol content.
> Specific details, such as the requirements for motorcycle instruction
> permits under GDL, will be announced as implementation proceeds, with
> completion of the full GDL program expected in 2003.
> Almost all other Canadian provinces have or are in the process of
> introducing a GDL program.
> "Manitobans have recognized the value of a GDL program to ensuring
> on our roads," said Ashton. "During our consultation process, 90
per cent
> of the public supported the introduction of GDL. Manitobans have waited
> long enough for the introduction of this program. We are confident that it
> will save the lives of novice drivers, their passengers and other
> Manitobans."
> - 30 -
> More information is available at <http://www.gov.mb.ca/hwy>
> 1) Written Test:
> * May be written at 15 years, six months, if enrolled in drivers
> education
> program, otherwise must be 16 years old.
> 2) Learner Stage:
> * Minimum nine months in this stage
> * Earliest age of entry is 15 years, six months (if enrolled in
> drivers education
> program and passed written test)
> * Requires supervising driver
> * May carry passengers up to the number of seat-belts in vehicle
> * Zero blood alcohol content
> * No towing of vehicles
> 3) Road Test:
> * Must pass for entry into intermediate stage
> * May be taken as early as 16 years, three months
> 4) Intermediate Stage:
> * Earliest age is 16 years, three months
> * Minimum 15 months in this stage
> * May carry passengers to the number of seat-belts in the back seat
> and one in the front seat between 5 a.m. and midnight
> * Between midnight and 5 a.m., passengers restricted to one person, or
> if
> accompanied by a supervising driver, may carry passengers in the rear to
> the number of seat-belts.
> * May drive farm trucks
> * May receive authorized instruction in commercial vehicles at age 18
> * Zero blood alcohol content
> 5) Full Licence:
> * Earliest age is 17 years, six months
> * May obtain a full commercial licence at 18 years
> * Zero blood alcohol content for one year

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Re: OT Manitobas new driver licence laws SUCK

Man, that does suck! You mean they want you to know how to drive BEFORE they turn you loose on the road to run over innocent people??? Man, you should get the heck outta that place while it's still legal to leave! Poor ol' Anton, can anybody help me start up the "move Anton to someplace that doesn't suck fund"? No? ok.....

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Re: OT Manitobas new driver licence laws SUCK

that does suck man. sorry to hear that. come on r/t, i got a dodge diesel now, hows bout you n me go up there with a 45 footer gooseneck, kidnap him[grin], bring him and 3 zuks and all associated parts home with us. now, being that hes a illegal resident[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif[/img], we got slave labor. hows bout that man????? HAHAHAHAHAHA PROMISE anton, we will take you to zukimelt!!!!
BiLLy bOb

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Re: OT Manitobas new driver licence laws SUCK

Look at it from both points of view.

While it may appear to suck at first, it actually isn't that different, just more structured. They aren't saying you can't drive, they're just saying you have to drive with another person first before you do it on your own. We have the same thing down here in the states. I had to drive with a licensed driver for about 6 months before I could send in for my license. Nothing new there.

To the intermediate stage, it sounds about the same as a conditional license, you can still drive on your own. In Maine we have a conditional license for a year on motorcycles, so only they cannot take passengers, drive after dark, and have to wear a helmet. After the year is up, with no problems, they can do whatevery they want. Also, on a vehicle license, one infraction, no matter how small, and the license is pulled and you get to start over again to do it right.

It really doesn't sound that bad to me.

On the other side of the coin, we have the problems typically associated with younger drivers. I'm not lumping everyone into one category, I'm just saying in general. The peeling out, tire squeeling, mailbox baseball, gunning the engine, and general disregard for road rules are prevalent. Come to think of it the 70 and above crowd does the same thing here, except the baseball of course.

This attempts to curb the aforementioned items, but in reality I don't see it doing a lot, as I don't see it as a huge hurdle.

I got my car license at 16, which was the earliest you could get one in Maine. I got my bike license at 15, which was also the earliest. My opinion is that you sholdn't get either one any earlier than that. If you get a license too early, and no offense Anton, you don't appreciate it enough. If you have to wait and work for it, it means it's worth more because you had to do more for it, so you'll treasure it more.

The time will come, Anton, for you to have a license, I know it's hard being patient, but it'll get here soon enough.

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Re: OT Manitobas new driver licence laws SUCK

I wish they would do that in every state of the US so I don't get killed by some dumb ass little know it all in the $35k truck dad bought him for his 16th birthday.

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Re: OT Manitobas new driver licence laws SUCK

We have an almost identical law here in Michigan. I had to go through it. Just don't do anything incredibly stupid and you'll be just fine ;^) The law passed just months before I could take drivers training. Now that i'm all the way through it i'm glad it's set up this way.

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Re: OT Manitobas new driver licence laws SUCK

Man, that does suck. With the laws we have, im hardly patient enough for ours! Good luck buddy, hang in there.

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Re: OT Manitobas new driver licence laws SUCK

I think the Law may not be that bad.Anton you know what your doing ,but most young people dont have a clue.THREE examples.last thursday night we had a rescue run 4 young kids barrel roll their car at the bottom of a hill,going to fast and not knowing what to do ,when they hit the curve going to fast.No seat belts,all injuried. On friday night 4 young people driving to fast,run off road ,over correct,hit bridge and roll in to ditch.No seat belts,all injuried.Last saturday 1 young man driving to fast,loss control hit on coming car head on,TWO DEAD.In the past 3 years,our high school has lost 9 kids in auto accidents.I really hate pulling bodies out of these cars to find inexperienced YOUNG drivers .Anton,in the long run this law may save your life.My two cents RR

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Re: OT Manitobas new driver licence laws SUCK

<font face="Comic Sans MS">If I were writing the laws, I'd make them actually tougher than that... I can't go for a quick drive without being cutoff or almost otherwise ran into by some fool who seems to have gotten their drivers license in a box of cereal... [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] And I'd like the laws re-written to say that anybody at all that has any alcohol content in them can't drive a vehicle legally, and even on a first offense the vehicle they're operating gets confiscated without being returned... [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] It's my experience that people drive badly enough when they're completely sober without needing alcohol in them (even a little can screw with judgement enough to cause issues)... [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] Sorry for the rant... Oh, I just got my license about 6 years ago... I wish they'd teach things such as spin/skid recovery, proper braking techniques for emergencies, and how to keep from locking the brakes in an emergency, and other such imporant things.</font>

Tim "Sandman"

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(I'm finally back)
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Re: OT Manitobas new driver licence laws SUCK

Sand man how did you get that nice font?

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