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**DONOTDELETE** 04-20-2001 02:49 AM

Fender Flares
There have been lots of post about fender flares. Expensive (Calmini), Little less so (RRO), and cheap (Walmart Lawn edging).
I would like to know if anyone has tried the Pacer 4 1/2" fender flare from JC Whitney. They are "Flexible", " Easy to Trim", and made of the "Finest EPDM synthetic rubber won't crack, peel in the cold or droop in the heat" and are 58" long. They are $39.95 per pair, and look to me as though they could replace the standard Samurai Flares, instead of being added on. They appear to be a great inexpensive answer, so there is probably a good reason why the wouldn't work on a samurai. If anyone has information on these please let me know. The JC Whitney page is

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Da Zuk</A>

Scott_CJ8 04-20-2001 06:53 AM

Re: Fender Flares
Thanks for the tip - that's another option too! I haven't heard anything about them either.

Scott Trester
1988.5 Suzuki Samurai

Zuk Jr. 04-20-2001 07:18 AM

Re: Fender Flares
Looks like the Walmart Lawn edging, There is also another option for you fender guys! Bushwacker also makes a add-on fender flare, I believe Glenn W. did that mod and its in the suzuki tips and tricks area. Looks good, don't know how much they are, but also look like the Walmart Lawn edging. Check it out...

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wildweasel 04-20-2001 09:42 AM

Re: Fender Flares
Well I tried to find some of the generic material Glenn W
mentioned, No luck, Non of the jeep shops around here stock it anymore. Thats why I went Wally world lawn edging.
Frankly I am glad I did the bucks I saved will go for my
gas down to Paragon! The Jc Whitney stuff, I decied against
it as the mounting method was questionable in my mind from the pics in the Catalog. (It may work for all I know.)

87' Zook Spoa,M/L 33's, 4.16 tcase,4.62 gears Camo,Header,2"exhuast, Cam.
Lockers, 8klb winch, -Wildweasel2 NE4WI- club

**DONOTDELETE** 04-20-2001 09:42 AM

Re: Fender Flares
You can also use YJ flares. I got mine for $20 for the pair(rears) My fenders were so rusty that the metal bracket holding the stock flares on kinda fell off. I don't have a good picture but there is a write up in from someone else that did it.

Anton 04-20-2001 09:23 PM

Re: Fender Flares
I was checkin out a catalouge today (canadian tyre) and saw they sell sheets of rubber used for putting on the bottom of a pond or somthing. Seems thick but it said its 35mm thick! Ill check on that again, seems really thick.
A sheet of it was 60 bucks cdn .. but i bought some lawn edging today so dont need it :-)



**DONOTDELETE** 04-20-2001 11:40 PM

Re: Fender Flares
35mm is really thick almost a 1 1/3"'s 25.4mm = 1" so you can do the conversions now. Marc

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wildweasel 04-21-2001 05:03 AM

Re: Fender Flares
That pond stuff was prob measured in MiL's alot smaller than MM..FYI

87' Zook Spoa,M/L 33's, 4.16 tcase,4.62 gears Camo,Header,2"exhuast, Cam.
Lockers, 8klb winch, -Wildweasel2 NE4WI- club

JEEPN 04-21-2001 09:42 AM

Re: Fender Flares
Glenn is right, it's measure in Mils, not Millimeters. I have worked with the stuff and it's very durable, and UV resistant. Usually it comes in 40 mils and 60 mils though. It's very comparable to lawn edging, and you can cut it to any length or width you want.

Here is a good online conversion calculator,

35 Mils = 0.889 Millimeters
35 Mils = 0.035 Inches

Winter Harbor, Maine
'81 CJ-8 Scrambled, It's a Jeep, Chevy, IHC kinda thing!
'88.5 Zuki, 5" Calmini, Locked, Swamped, Rolled, and just generally broken in right!

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