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oldzuki 02-18-2001 06:47 PM

hawk suzuki
i recently ordered 30 over flat top pistons from hawk for
my rebuild 109.95 w/grant rings great price. when taking my
block & pistons to the machine shop i noticed i was missing
1 compression ring out of the factory pkg. i called hawk
with my problem-they got rick hawk on the phone with me and
he offered to ship replacement priority mail to me free or
upgrade to something faster if i would pay the difference.
this was a thurs. on monday i did not have a replacement
ring-i had a full set of rings-rick thank you very much. i
have bought from you before and will again. i don't think
you made a profit on this sale but you sure took care of
your customer--oldzuki

88 spoa samurai/weber/
97 sidekick sport
those that can samurai those that can't ?

rangerrick 02-18-2001 07:03 PM

Re: hawk suzuki
hey oldzuki,like we have said before,if they take care of you,let the rest of the us know ,so we can support those that support us.thanks for letting us know,RR


mxnhid 02-18-2001 10:25 PM

Re: hawk suzuki
Boy is that fantastic! I reccomended another company to a guy i knew was building his own engine and they really let him down, infact they really let another zuki guy I know down. I will take your experience and pass it on to the next guy. Thanks.

Just one more of the elite Samurai![img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img] External cage on a hardtop, x8ki wrn winch, M/L's,pny crb,98amp alt,32's, lckd f/r,

4xRonin 02-19-2001 01:32 AM

Re: hawk suzuki
Kudos to Hawk. They have always treated me well.

Scott Whitmore
"Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality." Dalai Lama

wildweasel 02-19-2001 04:38 AM

Re: hawk suzuki
When I ordered my stuff from them last year I had an Okay experiance. they made it right but the problems
should not have been there in the first place. Stuff like stapling my full gasket kit to the box when they stapled it closed, and misshipping the bearings to another Town. I mean a head gasket With a staple hole through it is worthless... Bottom Line, I would order from them if I had to.

Glenn Loud
87' Zook Spoa, 31's, 4.16 tcase, Camo,Header,2"exhuast, Cam.
Locked both ends, 8klb winch, Snorkel -Wildweasel2
NE4WI- club

**DONOTDELETE** 02-19-2001 08:24 AM

Re: hawk suzuki
What a great way to make a business grow. "Word of mouth" is the best compliment or complaint to bestow on any firm or company, and in this case it helps us all know who to buy from or stay away from..Thanx

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