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I dont think ill be makin it

Well, tonite any and all possibilities of me goin to zukimelt vanished. I got a speeding ticket. Long story made short: i pissed a guy off somehow even tho he tried to pass me in my neighborhood on a double yellow. He follows me to my house and threatens me in my driveway. Turns out hes an off duty cop. Tells me he will get me eventually.

Well, tonite he got me. I even pulled over before he turned on his blue lights trying to be cooperative. He realized who i was and grinned. And then wrote me a ticket.

Anyways, it was a 68 in a 35. IF and only IF mom and dad let me keep my tacoma, i will have to pay the ticket. And probably get my own insurance. Which means i have to sell the tacoma anyways cuz i cant afford insurance on my own policy. So that in turn means that the sami is again a daily driver. And that means instead of gears and lockers im gonna have to spend my money on tops and a motor that will last.

No matter what happens its all gonna cost some money and the money is gonna come from the zukimelt fund.

So, to make sense out of all my rantings im jus gonna have to say that i dont think im gonna make it to zukimelt this year. Maybe next year tho.

Sorry for the ranting, but i had to get the frustration out and nobody else will listen at 3 in the morning.


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Re: I dont think ill be makin it

Dont mean to come down on you in your tough spot Will, but you should not be doing 68 in a 35. Thats something i wouldnt even want to mention. Its a direct reflection on you and i know your better then that. To bad you got on the wrong side of that power trip, (cop) im sure it wont stop there. Good luck, max

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Re: I dont think ill be makin it

Sorry to hear about your misfortune Will. The guy who owns the baddest Zuk in these parts is a cop, so if you see the red and blues in your rearview, it's probably just him wanting to see what mods you've done out of curiosity. He's not the power trip kinda guy though (unlike so many other cops). He'll just ask you to pop the hood so he can have a look, then tell you to carry on.

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Re: I dont think ill be makin it

Yeah, I had one cop do that with me! Just wanted to see what I've done to it, also said that I was braking the lift law. But, since I was cool about the whole thing we went to a parking lot and talked for a long time about trucks!! Some cops are cool.

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Re: I dont think ill be makin it

Been there, done that, i was doing 64 in a 25.. im SO lucky that the cop decided to up the speed limit to 35 or i would have lost my license, but that was when i was younger, and much dumber (haha, yeah right). but heres an idea, if your a juvenile (dont know if u are or not), see if you can work a deal with the probation people to work off ur ticket with community service, it saved my ass and my insurance.. if ur an adult.. my condolences. Anyways, speeding is bad.


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Re: I dont think ill be makin it

im not a legal Driver yet (only got like a week till i get restricted) but when im driving, i do everything perfect, no matter how hard it maybe in a Lonesome Iced road, (well maybe a couple of times, couldnt help it [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )
well good luck

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Re: I dont think ill be makin it

I dont think its right that cops use their athority to "get even" with incidents that happen to them off duty. A friend of mine that was a cop would do that. Off duty he was cocky and that would sometimes get him in trouble, he would flash his badge and the guy he started stuff with would be in trouble. Also he would speed around town like crazy, and when he got stopped, his badge would get him out of a ticket.

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Re: I dont think ill be makin it

hey zukinut, really sorry to hear that man. i agree though, might be able to pull comunity service or something. might try a lawyer when you go for court. sometimes it makes a difference. a lawyer has helped localy a few times. might be a idea, but i agree, completely, the speed was excessive. is that what the cop said, or were you actually runnin it? the cop has serious problems too. if you werent runnin it and it is a acusation, did you ask to see the radar gun? ALWAYS ask to see it. hope something works out for you man.

zuk jr, i have been in your shoes too man. was going to uwharrie last april, got stopped just across the nc line. 13 miles west of ashville, was driving with a "little" excess speed, rain n a little fog. saw a car in front of me. slowed down. he hit the median to make a uturn, i figured, boy im lucky. well, i pass him, (3 tires on trailer, just had a blow out 10 miles before) well, he hits the blut lights, whoops out behind me after he did another 180 in the median. he asked me for liscense, reg., and began askin me bout the zuk on the trailer. really cool guy. talked for about 2 hours in the cold on the side of a exit ramp on the big road. he was a N.C.D.O.T. patrol too, not a local fuz or trooper for 4 wheelers.
anyway, will, hope things work out for you man.
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Re: I dont think ill be makin it

ZUKINUT,i use to be a cop here in Indiana.we had a program in which you could go to the prosecutor and ask for a deferred program,you ask to see if this can be converted to a infraction.you pay the ticket and if you dont have any other tickets or get a ticket for the next 6 months,the prosecutor doesnt send in the paperwork,thus no points.you might volunteer to do community service to sweeten the pot for him. hope this helps,RR

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Re: I dont think ill be makin it

Sorry if I sound a little lippy(happens). But how old are you 16-17?
(I would know this if you filled in the BIO section!!!)
Mom and Dad...let me? Tacoma...?
Geez it sounds real rough......I wish my Mom and Dad gave me a Tacoma...
If you did the crime, do the time($$$). It's alway unfortunate when we get those winning tickets, but in all(as in many) of them I received 95% percent were because I screwed up. So I'm sorry to hear you will not be attending the Melt and all, but there is one next year too.....Just think by then you'll have gained one more year of maturity.
And my friends say I'm brutally honest........HAH!

Yoor fellow Zuk friend...

Pony Express
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