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Pony vs Webber

Ok, I don't know much so tell me about the webber and the pony carbs. How much do they run? Does anyone know of any local St. Louis Suzuki or Off-road dealers that I can find parts and accesories at? I have checked many salvage yards but they don't have the older Suzukis.

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Re: Pony vs Webber

I would also be very interested in the boards comments on this subject as I see a new/different carb in my future. Is the weber worth double the cost of a Pony?

87 Zuk Stock in need of some Luvin
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Re: Pony vs Webber

I don't think the Weber ($324 or so) is double the cost of the Pony. To the best of my knowledge, the Pony is generally sold used with rebuild kits available.
From my experience, the Weber does have some drawbacks. Stalling on steep inclines (which can be resolved), cold start troubles (which can easily and inexpensively solved) being some of them. I'm very happy with mine even when it does become tempormental (mine is an older one, me being the third owner). It's easy to work on if need be and parts (new) can be found online. It does really give a zook motor some real get up and go. It suits my needs quite well.
Maybe some Pony owners can chime in with their experiences?

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Re: Pony vs Webber

I would never buy a weber over a pony. I have both, and am in the proccess of rebuilding my pony carb that has never been installed yet to my rig. My stock carb is fantastic and doesnt glitch but i want this one ready just in case. I have a weber that came on my girlfriends rig, nothing but a POS and it has been tuned. To do it right is going to take many more hours and possibly a fuel regulator. The pony needs this too but its much easier and cheaper to purchase and tune in comparisson to the webber. Talk to DannyL about getting a pony, he will mail you one for cheap but i advise getting the rebuild kit as well. http://www.partszuki.homestead.com/ thats his site, he will answer all your questions. I think if your american and you buy thru his site you get a 50% discount converting to canadian dollars! (LOL) Just my 2 cents, i know that there are a lot of happy webber people, but my theory is they paid the money so they PRETEND to be happy when they really suck. At least thats what twister told me.

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Re: Pony vs Webber

The skinny,
1).<font color=red> STOCKER..</font color=red>Reliable as all get out. Zero power on it's own. Major hesitation that can be resolved cheaply. Runs at any angle, even upside down. I speak from experience.Very, very expensive brand new, $1300 retail at the dealer.
2).<font color=red> PONY..</font color=red>After rebuilding it, tuning it, and fiddleing with it until it's dialed, it has noticable power increases. operates flawlessly at angles. Very good reasonably cheap alternative.
3).<font color=red> WEBER..</font color=red>Online @ 4wdhardware.com for $299.00. Has very noticeble power increases. Stalls and hick-ups on bumpy roads and steep up hills..Kinda tempermental in certain weather conditions. But all problems can easily be resolved by anyone with a substandard IQ (Do ya hear me Forest)?.
I've demo'd all three. I keep going back to my weber. With the exhaust set up, and air intake, it made a 35% to 40% increase in power, with zero hesitation..

I'm sure this post will open a can of worms, However if you take the time to get the Weber set up, it's unbeatable.
Just ask Dave as asianauto.com.
My .02

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Re: Pony vs Webber

I gotta agree the STOCKER is just fine, but it's gutless small and restrictive, and for a very good reason. What's that you say?? Well back when Mr Suzuki designed teh power plant in your rig it had to be reliable, efficient, pollution friendly and CHEAP to mass produce. Short of a pure sports car nothing is designed to be amazing off the shop floor. BUT!!!! If you are going to install a new carb you will need to make sure teh motor can breathe out as fast as you will be making it breathe in, so that means nwe pipe and header, the stock manifold is crappy cast iron and very cheap to make. (see a pattern??) I have just finished most of the Normal Aspiration mods on my engine Carb, Cam, O/S pistons, Headwork and extracted 2" system. The thing runs like a peice'o crap now BUT it goes sooooo hard almost gives me a boner (oops did i say that?) If you want more power a) find your local engine shop make friends and get tweakin boy! and b) get ready to do lots of work yourself or spend lots of ca$h to get it finished.

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Re: Pony vs Webber

I'm glad for stuff like this to come up...my Zuki is runs like a turd sometimes and I'm pretty sure the carb is the issue. I have been leaning towards a Pony myself...but keep talking...

Michael O

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Re: Pony vs Webber

If you have the cash for a webber and carb tuning knowledge then get it. If you want a carb that will be bolt on,
cheap, and reliable on and off road I would go pony. (I did.) I added a fuel regulator only for the down hill flooding issue and it only cost 20.00 for that. The bottom line is this a 1.3 engine is alas a 1.3 you can do so much before you have a picky 1.3 . evan with the "midrange" cam from hawk and pony and header /exhaust it is still not a highway machine. these things STOCK barely are. The real ansewer is a bigger engine. (Now if I can just find
an RX7 around here.....

Glenn Loud
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Re: Pony vs Webber

i run a weber-i thought about getting a pony but around
$150 with a rebuild seemed pricey if you need calibrated
parts they are not available in the states-any aftermarket
carbs need fuel regulators-webers are easy to cure stalling
on hills also i also have run aisan carbs from toyota
non smog hitachi carbs from chevy luvs & datsuns but it is
very had to get parts other than rebuild kits for them. so
i go back my webers look around you can buy used webers
i have 5 now 2-hitachi no-smog 1-aisan zero stock carbs

88 spoa samurai/weber/
97 sidekick sport
those that can samurai those that can't ?
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Re: Pony vs Webber

mxnhid , how you know I just pretend to like Webah ? You too smaut !
You still have hell - trade you my stock cahb & 10 dolah for you Webah !

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