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zoomy4 09-04-2000 10:55 AM

Tire Size / Wheel Backspacing / Lift Questions
I am ready to start lifting my Samurai. I have a couple of questions for those of you who have already lifted their Samurai's. I was planning to order a set of RRO 5.5" perches to get that one extra inch and make my own 2" body lift. I plan on purchasing a 3" dropped pitman arm and modifying the drag link to address the bump steer problem. I have a set of 33x12.5-15 tires and have been thinking of buying a set of 15x8" American Racing Baja (172) wheels that have a 3.75" back spacing. Here are my questions. Is that too much of a backspacing and will I have any rubbing? Is that enough lift for now? I plan to use Samurai rear and CJ springs with missing links later. What about drive shafts? Can I get away with Drive shaft spacers for 5.5" lift? Any other problems that you may see that I have overlooked? I plan to lengthen my brake lines too. Just haven't figured out where I am going to get them yet. Thanks.

P.S. Rebuilt the stock carb this weekend and what a pain in the @ss! You think they could have used maybe another couple dozen vacuum lines on that carb??? Definatly going with a Weber in the future...

Wife thinks I bought a Samurai because it's good on gas. She doesn't know is I am secretly building a Tiny Giant Killer! Now how do I hide the 33" Swampers and do a SPOA next time she goes shopping?

Zuk Jr. 09-04-2000 11:22 AM

Re: Tire Size / Wheel Backspacing / Lift Questions
Sounds like you have done your homework! Sounds good, I have a friend that has the same set-up and fits 33's nice. One thing to consider is look into getting lifted springs like 1.5" for more room for the 33's. My friends Zuk does fine but I think that it would flex better if he had some Rancho 1.5" litfted spring, works well with a SPOA! The stock springs go into a reverce arch when doing a SPOA, thats just my experience with it. You will have to relocate the shock mounts and get longer shocks to get the most out of your SPOA. You can get longer brake lines at NAPA for next to nothing, if you need the part numbers e-mail me or you should be able to find them on here if you search for it. As far as the wheel backspacing, I have no clue! I know that 2.5" backspacing looks good! Someone else should be able to help ya out with that!
I'd get Drive shaft spacers if I were you, they are not that much money. Hope this helps!

Brian [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

rangerrick 09-04-2000 02:02 PM

Re: Tire Size / Wheel Backspacing / Lift Questions
hi zoomy4 ,autozone shocks [red ryder,81440 for front][red ryder 81538 for rear]NAPA brake lines[38541 for front][38688 for the rear] if they can not get lines as soon as you like ,you can marry two sets together using NAPA[ brake line nipple 3325x4] i run 32x11.50 on 3.75 back space and they rub.go for 2 or 2 1/2 back space. i ordered 15x8x2 bs hope this helps.ranger rick


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