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Your age #II - what have you learned in 3- years

I noticed that many of the posters 3 years ago on the previous (post your Age thread) were in their early 20's. I was in my earlier 60's. What have you learned in the past three years. I'll start.

I've learned to reuse some of my old skills in fixing my Zuk myself. That is the prime reason I enjoy the Zuk so much, "I can work on it"! When I was a youngster 13 thru 16 (1953 - 1956)I worked in gasoline filling station. Back then nobody filled their on gas tank we did, checked under the hood, cleaned the windshield and pumped the gas. Boy how times have changed. Now in the City of Myrtle Beach last year there were over 500 drive offs without paying. I guess this is the payback for no service.

I've learned the importance of family,friends & Church as you grow older and begin to realize that I am no longer indestructible as we all thought we were when we were younger. I look forward to slowing down and speeding up with my 87 Zuk, see ya next year at Zuwarri, been trying for 6 years to get there....Maybe this time...
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Re: Your age #II - what have you learned in 3- yea

A Samurai owner for 2 years my story mirrors yours. In my mid 40's now and worked at the gas station in my teens. My dad, retired Navy, is a self taught machinist and pattern maker. His skills and mechanical ability have rubbed off and I've enjoyed working on the Zuk. These little trucks are really so simple that you develop a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that grows greater with each project you tackle. It's almost therapeutic to work on these 'lil things.
My justification for buying the Zuk was as a second vehicle to use for hunting trips and to counter the rising cost of fuel as an around town econo-box. Boy I sure didn't see it coming and the Suzuki bug has bitten yet another one! Most days I would rather drive the Zuk than my "loaded" comfy pick up truck. My teenage son even thinks its half way cool. It was one of the first cars he ever drove.
One other thing I've learned is that not all of the internet is bad and full of scam artists, this BBS is proof of that. I could not have done what I've done to the Zuk without the help of everyone here. People have sent me things without payment first, just happy to help out another Zuker, and I've done the same in return. I'm not so naive to think that someone wont burn me at some point but it really feels like a community of good down to earth folks. I would love to make Zuwharrie but it is held the same time a group of us go to KY for a big gun show & shoot so it will have to be some time in the future when we don't go to Knob Creek. Yeah I know there is always the Fall run but dang that’s right when deer hunting starts to peak around here!
Guess I have some hard choices to make (LOL)
Best of luck to all and thanks again for everyone's help..................
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Re: Your age #II - what have you learned in 3- years

I've learned a lot about a great bunch of guys from this site...

Daxe is a rad guy who'll be bluntly honest with you (especially if you can take it). He's always willing to help or wheel and deal. He also gives honest to goodness compliments and I respect any man that can both criticize and compliment. He has a cool family too, I am sure on a few occasions he's probably snarled at me inside for reving his 2 awesome kids up and then driving back to CT.

I have learned that Zooky is a wiseguy who has built a killer rig. He was one of the first people I picked the brain of on this site and I am thankful for that. He is a fun cat to wheel with, he's got a great sense of humor, and is a fun guy to play a practical jokes on. I always look forward to his posts even when their in the pic test section. I hope he'll still want to wheel with us when he moves a little further away.

Wildweasel is the wise-suzuki man of the bunch. I love his pay it forward attitude and the fact that he is from the old school. He's opened his house to anyone with a Suzuki... what kind of guy does that? A great one.

Jim (87Zuke) and family are a great bunch. I enjoy the company of the whole family. Jim and Jimbo are a great father and son combo and if I ever have kids I'd like to have a similar kind of relationship. Plus Jim lent me a d-shaft so I could continue having fun at Zookin' and Jimbo makes a great co-pilot.His rig also has very uncomfortable seats and I imagine looks funny with two grown men inside of it.

TomKat, is one of my favorite people in-or-outside of the Suzuki world. I think of him like a brother almost. I have learned a lot from him and enjoy wheeling or bs-ing about it while our rigs are stowed away for the winter. He and his family have opened up their home to me also (he's even let me drive his rig {the popcorn maker}).

And overall I have learned what a great community that has spawned from this BBS. From down south to out west to up north. When I started researching details about a trip to canada I recieved invites to stay with folks I have never met. That is above and beyond and makes me want to do the same for others.

Also, I have met other guys whom are genorous beyond belief. Dan Chelsea drove from Jersey to donate a bunch of parts and help build a rig for Luvmyzooki's cousin. There are others whom I have chatted with online or have sought me out just to talk and that is a great thing. These are the types of things that have helped me in many ways grow.

I learned what "bacon" is, the fun that are Hooters gatherings, FabFests, and Suzuki wheeling trips. I also learned that searching extends beyond the search button...haha.
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Re: Your age #II - what have you learned in 3- years

I, too had a rich history of being around a machine shop and a father who had a lot of experience in mechnical engineering during WWII (PBY Catalinas, B-25s and later surgical tools, animated Santa displays, cast ornamental ashtrays and electrical switchplates).

My Samurai is a return to those days when making something work was a source of great enjoyment.

Also of greater enjoyment is the ability to share my mistakes (be CAREFUL when handling a mechanical fuel pump!) and triumphs (my Samurai handles very well on the road despite being 4.5 inches taller from a self-installed SPOA) with others.

Sometimes I feel like I repeat myself whenever I respond to a question here that has been asked before. Occasionally I actually do repeat myself unnecessarily! (Sorry, Supik!) But it is only an attempt to give back what others before me gave when I had a question here.

I have learned in three years (and more) here that the Internet is not quite like being face-to-face with a person when exchanging ideas. It requires a bit of patience that I sometimes lack -- a realization that sometimes, no matter how right one thinks they are, one should shut one's pie-hole in response to the way others think and do. Being right sometimes does not outweigh the value of someone else's wisdom.

I admit it: I don't get to wheel as much as most of you. Partly because there isn't anywhere nearby to wheel and partly because I have more fun building than breaking.

But I digress...

I learned to MIG weld, sandblast, disassemble a Samurai (several actually), rebuild body mounts, rebuild U-joints, install a 1.6 8-v and how not to have fun at a ZookiMelt.

The next one that I attend (2005) will be for the enjoyment of it! No video cameras!

[img]images/graemlins/codger.gif[/img] 55 on January 12,
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Re: Your age #II - what have you learned in 3- years

There are 2 things that I have learn in the last 3 year. I break down more than my zuks do and I ain't as young as I use to be. Other than thatI still love my zuks, all 4 of them. Oh yes, like to forgot, I dont like to redo houses afterI buy it. Also that I am not as fast as I once was, but I am still as good![img]images/graemlins/bow.gif[/img]
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Re: Your age #II - what have you learned in 3- years

Lets see in in 3 years... Ive retaught myself stuff that i had forgotten i knew about vehicles. Hell when i was 14 International guys were callin me and askin advice. By the time i was 20 i had forgotten everything. Mainly due to booze and women. Ive since kicked both habits.

Ive learned that this is one big family. Although ive never met most and prolly never will, the advice and help ive recieved is unbelieveable.

I learned that somebody will drive from CT to buy a cherry tub and then cut it up.

Mainly ive learned that life is short and can end at anytime so i must respect it and enjoy it as much as possible.
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Re: Your age #II - what have you learned in 3- years

Wow, been a rough three years.

I have learned how thankful I am to my Heavenly Father and Christ. They have really taken good care of myself and my family.

Just like most of the rest of you, I have been tried with being laid off and out of work for 10 months and trying to support 7 people, but we have been blessed.

Many of you all on this board have been good friends, Thanks

from a zuki standpoint, I have learned that it is not only fun to modify it and look at what a good job I did, but to help others modify theirs. I have been able to help a bunch of you all.

Been driving my rig for about 15 years and still love it.
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Re: Your age #II - what have you learned in 3- years

i couldn't begin to tell you half the things i've learned.
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Re: Your age #II - what have you learned in 3- years

Since I got the zuk I've enlisted in the USCG and learned that the world is alot bigger place then I imagined and just as diversed, and thats only from traveling this hemisphere. I have learned that the part for my zuk when broke wll not be on a parts shelf down the street (and the parts guy asks if a samurai is a yamaha), however a guy online that I never "met" will bend over backwards to help me fix my zuk, I've learned that the guys here, pirate and zuwahrrie are among the coolest people i have never met ..
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Re: Your age #II - what have you learned in 3- years

Well, since that last post when I was at the ripe old age of 30 [img]images/graemlins/codger.gif[/img], I have learned to enjoy life a little more, respect my friends for who they are and be thankful that they are my friends, and I have actually learned a few things from this board about Samurai's. [img]images/graemlins/thud.gif[/img]
Ya see, a few years ago, Zuki-kid (Tommy) was taking me home after a trail run in which my samurai decided to crap out on me, and as we were approaching this blind curve a dumb a$$ kid in a Bronco took the corner too fast, came into our lane and missed hitting us head on by inches. [img]images/graemlins/cussing.gif[/img] Needles to say, the Samurai was totaled, but by the grace of God, Tommy and I both walked away with minor injuries! [img]images/graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
As far as my friends go, we have fought and cussed and screamed at each other till we were all blue in the face [img]images/graemlins/chair.gif[/img], but the one thing I have noticed is. No matter who I go wheeling with, Or hang out with, it's just not as much fun as it is when all of the origional "Bedford Boy" get together! These guys and gals are the reasion I got into this in the first place, and it just ain't the same with out all of us together. Hell, if it wasn't for them, I'd never known what "hit it with your purse, or get your sack-o-stoopid" meant. Some of us are so much alike it's scary, but that's really what makes our group so damn fun! :All Good:
They say that some of the closest friends you will have, will be made in college. Well, some of the closest friends I have made have been made out on the trail driving my Samurai! [img]images/graemlins/40BEER.gif[/img]
Sorry so long, but you
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