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Disabling EGR Valve?

I live in southern New Mexico where summers are hot, winters are mild and there is no state vehicle inspection of any kind. The EGR valve on my stock Ď88 Samurai has apparently given up the ghost. My inclination is to remove or block it off, preferably the latter.

Will disabling or removing it have any adverse effect on the engine performance?

What is the procedure for blocking it off? Do I just remove it, slap a home-made metal plate and gasket behind it and reinstall it, leaving the vacuum lines connected to it? Or is it more complicated than that?

Iím sorry if these questions seem dumb, but my mechanical ability pretty much extends to replacing fuses, air filters and headlights. The height of my mechanical career was when I changed spark plugs successfully all by myself. Even had to gap them without any help. *VBG* Actually, Iím exaggerating about that (but not by much).


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Re: Disabling EGR Valve?

Hey Mel..

I absolutely hear you. 2 or so years ago I could have theorized about replacing spark plugs and MAYBE done it right, but a mechanic I wasn't. I am still not a mechanic, but I am amazed what some hands on experience and some knowledgeable and patient advisors have taught me in that time.

One of the first thing I did by myself without sh!tting bricks and needing to have my friends babysit me about it was to CHANGE the carb on my 88.5 samurai! When you look at the snakepit of vac lines and electrical crap on that stock sami carb you wanna just go back in your house and hide.

There's an elegant and simple solution which increases performance. I even passed state inspection with it and I am in one of the more smog nazi states going. It's called a 'pony carb.'

This carb is from a simple Canadian market Hyundai Pony, which seems to be roughly simlar to the Elantra in the USA. This carb eliminates 95% of the vacuum lines and even more electircal stuff. The bolt pattern mates up perfectly with the samurai intake. You can even use a little grinder tool like a dremel to open up the ports so they match better and gain a few HP. It is 1st grade simple once you get it in your hands and just look at the shapes of the things. NO mech knowledge required!

You can get one of these 'Pony' carbs in here for less than $100 and the simplicity it adds to your engine compartment is a godsend for an amatuer mechanic. I went fromknowing zero about it to having a pretty firm grasp of anything that might prevernt my motor from running. PARtly because of the simplicity of the Pony carb (you can literally remove and throw away you stock samurai engine computer!) but also in large part to listening closely to my 'advisors' and reading reading reading reading. Search and read about problems you dont have. Read everything. Sign up for Zuwharrie.com and even ZUkiworld.com and keep reading.

IN short..yes you can block off your EGR, but the fiddly stockcarb might complain and it's pretty delicate about its settings. Once its screwed up its tought to get back in line.

DO yerself a favor and get a pony carb. Its worth it for the simplicity and it also makes a serious boost in the mid RPM range in an otherwise stock motor.

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Re: Disabling EGR Valve?

some people say you need it where others dont
i do not run one
my engine is a jap spec motor and came with a factory EGR block off plate, so if they didnt neeed one on my engine when it was made, i am not running one on it now.
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Re: Disabling EGR Valve?

What Daxe said but I'll add there's another cheap alternative, a late 70s Toyota Corolla carb. You might have luck finding one there in NM. Everything he says applies to the Toy carb.

Toy carb tech article
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Re: Disabling EGR Valve?

Ive take the egr off every zuk ive owed just used a small plate to block it off
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Re: Disabling EGR Valve?

The small amount of exhaust gas recycled lowers the combustion temperature, thus lowering NOx emissions. That's the intent of it anyway.

As a rule, the newer the engine, the more detrimental it is removing the EGR system. But on lots of vehicles it helps considerably, more power, snappier acceleration etc. Sometimes it makes a HUGE difference.

If it starts pinging after it's off, it could be harmful - but try it - no ping, run with it! Others are reporting good results. You may find a few more horses that have been hiding in there.
If it's leaking you need to plate it off or replace it, but first try plugging the vacuum hose to it.

Let us know how it turns out.
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Re: Disabling EGR Valve?

I may have one laying around I could send you. Let me know and I will look. Jim
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Re: Disabling EGR Valve?

Mine got oil fouled and I lost most of mt acceleration. Blocked it off and then it ran really crappy. Wouldn't idle smooth, acceleration worse than before and would stall. Wound up cleaning it off with carb. cleaner replacing the hoses and PVC valve, and now it runs like a dream. In older models, mines an '87, they are an interagal part of the fuel intake system.
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Re: Disabling EGR Valve?

Rich's post nails it right on the head . Some engines are designed to the point of really needing one . All the 8v Suzuki engines really don't need the EGR system active . If you do choose to block it off , make very certain there are no leaks past any blockoff plate you use . An external leak would cause excessive head temps while a bypass leak would make the engine very lean . There are way more than just a few horses hiding in these engines , I regularly remove all traces of the EGR system on the modified intakes I build for the Weber carbs . It's not at all unusual to make 1.5+ hp per inch in these motors , something that isn't very easy to do with our own cast iron V8's made here . My current 1.6 hybrid is making some very usable power and torque , first impressions are very good and I will know more after it's done with break-in time . All the better , so far it's reporting almost better fuel mileage than the old beat up 1.3L . Also, I do have reconditioned EGR valves for the 8v engines in stock....
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Re: Disabling EGR Valve?


I don't think I explained in the original post that my EGR valve was apparently stuck open resulting in strong gas smell on start up, terrible idling, poor gas mileage and loss of power.

Yesterday afternoon I bought a new gasket, cut a sheet metal plate to fit behind the EGR valve and blocked that dude off. Immediate hundred percent improvement in performance. No gas smell on starting up, proper idling and, as near as I can tell from a short drive on the highway, an increase in power.


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