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Mini spool install?

Cant I just mark the adjuster screws and count how many turns it takes to take them out, then put it back together exactly the same. I got the mini from RG, it didnt come with any instructions. Some retailers advertise "no special tools to install" yet it seems like 50% of the threads Iv read disagree the other 50% agree. [img]images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] So....does anyone have a copy of the "no special tools to install" instructions? I dont feel like buying a dial indicator if I can get away without it. I have a few 3rd menbers to go through before I up-grade to toy anyway.
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Re: Mini spool install?

Hmm ive talked to people who have done things like that with out a dial indicator. I tried doing it too and decided to use the indicator after I had to pull the 3rd member out 2 times after installing it twice.

The mini-spool will come with your sales invoice...thats it. I looked at the instructions for a locker install off of izook to do my installation. I slide hammer would be helpful as well. You can get them cheap on harborfreight, but if you dont wanna get one, ive read some other ways of doing it(dont remember them very well tho).

As far as the adjustments for the carrier...

Like I said I ended up using a dial inicator because I was tired of doing it wrong while I was trying to guestimate the adjustments.

If you were to tighten the back side of the ring gear(that adjustment side) until it was no longer easy, and then tighten it two more holes, and then tighen the otherside until it starts getting harder to turn, then once again tightening two more holes.

Then back off on the adjustment on the back side of the ring gear 3 holes, and then tightening the other side 3 doing that you may have it set right. Try turning the drive shaft flange and see how hard/easy it is to turn. If it feels hard to turn you should probly loosen the adjustment on the back side of the ring gear one more hole and tighten the other side one more hole.

I never tried it that way before using the dial indicator, but thats what I basically did when I had the dial indicator, but having the dial indicator I knew it was correct. I ended up with a .007" back lash, a new ring & pinion should be at .006" back lash, but a used set can be a little more.

I used DougO's instructions in doing this and it turned out great(with the dial indicator). But if you do it this way it may get set right without the dial indicator.

Have you checked on the costs of renting a dial indicator with a magnetic base?

The only special tools I used was the slide hammer(to pull the axles), and the dial indicator. I paid $30 for the 5lb slide hammer, with 17 attatchments for different things. I borrowed the dial indicator from someone.

Let me know if you have any questions. I just recently installed mine and it was a good learning experience for me. Also check out the post that DougO had when I asked about the adjustments. DougO explained it very well.

Anyone comment, or correct on any of my mistakes in this post.

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Re: Mini spool install?

Izook locker installation

Use that site until it starts talking about installing the shims for the new locker stuff. You wont use your old side gears, or shims in there, all you'll use are the pins, and your new mini-spool inside there. After that its mainly just putting everything back togeather like it was before, and making your adjustments. It is critical to make sure you keep the side placment of all your parts.

Look at DougO's instructions here

DougO's last post with instructions is what made everything really click for me. I think you may be able to do it without a dial indicator if you follow them not using one, but theres no way to say for sure.

You're probably like me.....get that mini-spool thinking thats all you'll need, and then you get ready to install and you need these special tools. I tried it the hard way first too, but it didnt work out too well. If I would have dont it all over I would have used the dial indicator in the beginning.

The slide hammer could do with out it. If you have a spare chain laying around you could hook a link onto one of the lug bolts and put the lug nut on it and give it some yanks(if the chain is long enough), that should work fine. Then when you get to the shaft its self it requires a little bit of force to pull as well, you'll have to think of something creative for that, right now i cant think of much....find a way to hook your chain onto that and it will work.

Hope ive helped atleast some.
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Re: Mini spool install?

Hey Gravtyklz, thanks for all the info! I hate doing things twice, maby I'll just buy a dial. I'll need it to put new gears in anyway. [img]images/graemlins/40BEER.gif[/img]
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Re: Mini spool install?

It has been my experience geting the axles out is not
a stuck 'in there' question. I discovered that the backing
plate is usually siliconed to the axle housing. Take a
small screwdriver or chisel and pry between the backing plate and the axle. When this is free, the axle should pop right out. I discovered this when I went to rear disc brakes
and therefore had no backing plate. The axles pop right out.
Experimented with a buddies Zuk with stock brakes and came up with the silicone explanation.

Even though you can get really close with marking the
adjusters and bearing caps and such, there is no substitution to getting the backlash correct with a dial indicator. I got one with a magnetic mount at Harbour Freight for less than $30.

HTH. [img]images/graemlins/RockOn.gif[/img]
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Re: Mini spool install?

After doing all this work to get the backlash correct along with the carrier preload , you may want to monitor how hot those gears run . This is a very good indicator of how well they are set up . Just good and warm is about all they should ever run if the adjustments are correct .
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