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HELP WITH MY NEW 88 SAMURAI - VIN#s, Brakes, etc

Hi! I just bought a 88 Samurai from somebody who lied to me about a few things and I would like some help. First off, its an 88 with (supposedly) a 93 engine and dashboard, a 4" shackle lift, 15" tires, and not much else - oh its got the MSD ignition coil. ANYWAY - here's the deal. I drove it 2 hours back home and it runs GREAT. Only PROBLEM #1. THere is no brake pressure. I bled the brakes, checked the rear drum pads and they are desperately in need of changing (the fella I got it from said it had new pads) and no matter how much I pump the pedal, I get no pressure. Its real nerve racking on the NJ interstates at rush hour - AND the E-brake cable is real loose, so its useless. If I floor the brake pedal, and really dig into it, I can slow down, I think I even locked the wheels going about 15mph but there is no pedal pressure at all. There wasn't any air in the lines and there's no visible leaks, so I am going to try changing the master cylinder and rear pads. Any other suggestions?

Problem #2 but should be #1 The dashboard supposedly is from a 93 - its definately newer than 88. BUT - the VIN # on the dash is from the 93 too! Theres no vin sticker on the door frame I guess because someone sprayed the car a different color - the engine block is a later one too so HOW DO I FIND A VIN # on this thing? - my only reason for doing this is in case I get into trouble - ie for my own purposes I wanna make sure the vin on the title is really whats on the samurai. So theres no wierd stuff like (maybe I am paranoid) its stolen or something, and if I decide to sell it later? what do I do? I was able to register it with just the title here in NJ but How can i be sure thats really the truck I am driving - the guy I got it from had another samurai that he kept the registration and inspection for and slapped it on this one. Im an idiot because that alone is pretty sketchy, but I wanted one too badly.

Problem 3: The lever to change the blower speed is missing and the previous driver installed a toggle switch to go from off to High but he disconnected it and I don't know which wires to use. There's also stereo wires there so what do I look for? I'd like to put a 4 position switch in if I can....

Problem 4: The temperature gauge doesnt work. The only investigation I made was to find that there ARE wires comming out of the housing for the thermostat, thats it. How can I test the gauge itself - the gauge cluster is still loose, so I may be able to access it there...

Problem 5: There was a can of bars leak under the hood and a [email protected]*tload of copper powder around the waterpump. Should I be worried?

Problem 6: No air cleaner assembly whatsoever. Ive looked for them on ebay and all, but the engine runs good and I have no vacuum diagram. But I have a naked carb and nothing keeping stuff out of it.

Problem 6a: There at some point was a manual choke on the engine. The guy I got it from said it was there and the carb had all kinds of springs going to it and he removed the choke and cut the springs, so now I have nothing to keep the choke closed when its cold except my fingers on the butterfly. Can I reinstall the manual choke and how the heck do I do it?

Theres alot more - Rost holes in the floor of a car I was told had "Not a speck of rust" on it but I can get metal scraps and a welder buddy, THe car was regeared with richmond gears and a 4wheel reduction in the Tcase - I think the tires MAY be bigger than stock - how do I check to make sure the speedometer is correct? The list goes and goes....

Thanks in advance!
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Re: HELP WITH MY NEW 88 SAMURAI - VIN#s, Brakes, etc

well its late so i'm only atacking #2 look up on the frame on the passager side front right behind the tire...should be the orgnial VIN for the zuk on the frame......think that and the dash is the only place that the VIN is put on samurai's but I've thought wrong once or twice before

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Re: HELP WITH MY NEW 88 SAMURAI - VIN#s, Brakes, etc

P1 - You have no pressure of the pedal is at the bottom? Can you "pump it up" then
it goes back to the bottom? or does it always stay at the bottom?

P2- What Lundy Zuk said, but, there should also be one on top of the frame that
requires the body off to see. I think its required to have more than one and one
hidden is some way to foil guys the try to reregister stollen vehicles using the title
from a wreck.

P3- FSM schematic says the Fan switch wires are B, BL-low, BL/Y-hot, and BL/W for on, lo,
med and high...

P4- ground the Y/W off the gauge or the sender with the key on, the gauge should hit boil
over. dont hold it there, you may damage the gauge, just bump it for a couple of seconds.

P5- yes, flush the system and check for leaks, espesially the weeper hole on the W pump.
I never use any thing but aluma seal and that only ir I have to, and only for pinholes in the
core etc, never for a seal or rad seam.

P6- Plenty of guys on here have gone after market, someone should have one

P6a- Chokes on Samis were all Auto as far as I know. the earlier SJ410's had manual
chokes, ay least my 84 does. that carb was stripped, or is not stock.

general: Stock tires are P205/70 15's about 26-7" tall. Tcase gears will change the High
range gearing, so will R&P and tires. Go to my group (link below) and get the gearing
spreadsheet once you have the particulars...

What a mess! I think $500 wasn't bad, IF you really got the gearing and IF the VIN# aren't
an issue...

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Re: HELP WITH MY NEW 88 SAMURAI - VIN#s, Brakes, etc

First , replace the rear brake shoes with new ones . While it's apart , look closely at the arm on the e-brake cable . That arm goes through the backing plate and has a pivot point where it joins in with the arm for the adjuster . That pivot point has to be able to move freely . It actuates the e-brake and also works the adjusters . The adjuster is just a simple ratchet arm type and they work quite well . When you try to bleed the rear brakes , do it on a fairly steep hill to push the air to the rear . Start at the bias valve on the rear passenger frame rail , then do the wheel cylinders .

Some of the Zuks have a vin tag on the driver's kick panel near the bottom , some are even half covered up . Otherwise , the tag is on the corner of the dash and on the passenger side front frame rail just ahead of the cab mounts . You'll probably have to scrape for it since most are covered up with the factory undercoating .

Best way to fix the blower switch issue is find someone with a donor harness and get that section of it along with a good switch or a new one . Ask around here , most have a ton of spare parts ... [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

The temp guage issue is usually easy . There are grounds in the dash , these all need to be hooked up and clean . These little trucks are just like the Fords of 20yrs ago , bad ground issues . Also, look on the corner of the intake near the thermostat housing , there should be a ground wire there . The sender itself is in the corner and they are cheap to replace .

If someone has been dumping a lot of stop leak in it , beware . The pipe that is in the back of the waterpump is known to rot and leak , or lose it's o-ring seal and leak . Water pumps usually last around 100k , might be time for that as well .

The air cleaner is easy, I have a complete one here somewhere . I imagine someone closer should have one , just ask on the board ...

There was never a manual choke on these trucks with the Hitachi electronic carb . If you ask around you could probably get a junk carb and steal all the parts from it to repair the damage done . Or, I have a couple here as well , lol .

Pace someone with an unmodified car for a speed check , or test out the local Constable .....I'm sure they will let you know .

Anything else?

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Re: HELP WITH MY NEW 88 SAMURAI - VIN#s, Brakes, etc

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
how do I check to make sure the speedometer is correct?

[/ QUOTE ]

the absolute best way to do this is to use a GPS. Get someone to ride along with you for a few minutes and you will get your answer within .1 MPH.

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Re: HELP WITH MY NEW 88 SAMURAI - VIN#s, Brakes, etc

One other item regarding your baking issues.....
I've had problems in the past trying to properly bleed the system to get a good pedal. After many gallons of brake fluid, I discovered that my proportioning valve was leaking internally. Once I replaced it, the bleeding was a piece of cake......
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