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Electrical HELP !

Ok, if you remember my last post I thought my electrical problem on my Samurai was winch related, well it's not. I made the assumption it was because it ran fine a week ago, sat in the garage for a week, then killed when I used the winch.

Here is the problem as I know it now. It runs fine with the clutch depressed. If I let the clutch out it runs fine right up until I remove my foot. Then the check engine light comes on and it kills. If I put just the slightest pressure on the clutch pedal, not slipping it, just putting pressure on the pedal it runs fine. UNLESS I turn on the headlights. Then the check engine light comes on and it kills.

If I'm idling and turn on the headlights, same thing, check engine and it kills. It's the clutch thing that has me confused though.

I have checked the grounds, the fusible link, etc. Also, it ran perfect a week ago. I went up to the car wash and back home and it was fine. Then after a few days I went out, and it had these problems. Nothing was changed or added.

Thanks for ANY suggestions!

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Re: Electrical HELP !

Have you looked at whe upper part of the pedal while you move it and also looked at the cable end on the bottom while someone pushes and releases the pedal? You may have some type of loose wire making contact somewhere along the line. The pedal thing is very weird. When you push the gas pedal while it is running, does the engine respond to the throttle? Something is fishy. Try that and let us know what happens.
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Re: Electrical HELP !

Went to car wash = artificial rain. > Zuks are notorious for leaking at the WS to tub gasket. I'll bet some
water is getting under the dash and into the electrical and you have corroded/shorted connections. It
doesn't always drip onto your leg or foot, some times it runs down the firewall. Are your carpet pads wet?

Clutch slightly depressed = check engine light. > There is a clutch safety switch in the zuks. (Other cars
also have a neutral safety switch, it has to be in neutral to start.) I'll bet the water got to the connections
this switch has at the fuse block. The switch itself is at the pedal under the dash.

Things comming on/off as unrelated items are turned on or off. = Shorts or ground loops caused by bad
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Re: Electrical HELP !

Thanks for the suggestions and input!!

Yeah, everything runs as normal, I can drive it fine, just so long as there is slight pressure on the clutch pedal. I'm not slipping the clutch to get the revs up, just touching it. I suspected some sort of clutch safety switch or disconnect, but I thought I'd get some input before poking around too much.

It had been really cold here and I've been sick so I wasn't jumping to get out there without some ideas.

Tonight I'll give the suggestions a test and see where I'm at. The pedal thing IS really weird!

I don't have a service manual (as I would need both the standard and supplement manuals and I just can't part with the $$), does anyone have a scan of the wiring schematic they could email to me?

Well thanks again for the suggestions, I'll keep seaching.

Oh, and the carpet pad isn't wet, but I have had my foot leaked on in the past. Wait! I mean I've had leaking water drip on it from the firewall.

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Re: Electrical HELP !

Try Suzukiinfo.org . Downloads are a little slow, but I think they will have everything your looking for.

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Re: Electrical HELP !

Don't know if this would help but I had a similar problem a few years back . The problem was that the alternator wasn't producing enough power to keep the battery full so the slightest use of any power ie; headlights, brake light, neutral safty switch, or even the horn would shut off the engine. But yet it would turn on and idle no problem.
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Re: Electrical HELP !

Nope, you're all wrong. Replace the battery ground wire from the battery to the engine. Then buy a 6~10" long piece of 10 gauge ground STRAP and solder some eyes on the ends. Then remove the crappy stock ground strap between the distributor and the firewall, toss it. Replace the crappy stock strap with the nice new heavy 10 gauge strap you've bought/made.

Your clutch cable is acting as a ground, be carefull!! You can nuke your cables/catch them on fire if you're not carefull. Either way if I am indeed wrong, it's a VERY good 10~15 dollars spent! They WILL go bad sooner or later!
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Re: Electrical HELP !

WOW! That website has everything I need and more! Thanks a lot !

I've got new heavy battery cables, so that's not it. A GM alternator is going in this week (that was planned before this problem) so I'll know if that's it. I'll try the new distributor ground and see what happens, and I still have to run the fuse block for the leaking and corrosion.

Thanks again everybody, for those interested I'll post the solution when I find it!

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Re: Electrical HELP !

it still sounds like a ground problem I have herd of vehicles that would wear out cluch cables realy quick turned out that the cables were acting as the ground between the motor and the body

another thing I have had problems with is crosion in the fuse box I would get power thru the fuses 12 volts just not enough amps to run anything
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Re: Electrical HELP !

Don't count on the GM alternator solving your problem if it is reduced alternator output. I swapped in a GM alternator because my old stock alternator wasn't keeping up when I turned on the headlights. I still have the same problem with the GM alternator. I took both alternators in to a magneto shop for testing and they are both very strong.

I have replaced the main wire from the alternator to the fuse box, thinking that it might be a corroded wire creating a voltage drop. No improvement. I have rigged up an ammeter that I can plug into the fuse block to test each circuit, looking for high current, indicating a short. None found. I have swapped the battery out. And I have cleaned but not replaced the ground wires.

I have found that sometimes my idiot light for the alternator works, sometimes it doesn't and that circuit is part of the excitation circuit for the GM alternator so I will replace the bulb next. Then I will go after the new ground wires and the fuse box.

If nothing else, it is saving me money in upgrades because I don't see any point in re-gearing a rig that can't go anywhere.

Good luck with yours. If I had the clutch symptoms you have, I'd go after the grounding wires first. I think Nowhere is right.
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