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blue_zuk 10-02-2003 11:02 AM

just checking in
hey everyone, i just logged on using our schools computer and had some issues with the firewall trying to get ORC to work. well i think i got it figured out. anyway as some of you know i was layed off work permenantly this past spring and i am going to school for welding/machining for retraining.

so far i love school and getting to weld using "good" welders everyday is awsome. so far i enjoy GMAW (gas metal arc welding) the most. i was surprised how nice using sheilding gas with solid core wire can look with out much practice. keeping a constant arc is no problem with almost no spatter either. i have have GMAW and gas cut and weld this semester plus a blueprint class, machining classes and a safety/osha class. i will have ARC and TIG next semester.

well money is still very tight and i am working a full time job under part time status while i attend school full time so there is no spare time for much else. with working a job, it will hopefully allow me to spread my remaining unemployment out until i finish school this spring. i can't wait till i am done with all this BS so i can have a somewhat normal life back and get back into wheeling and building solid axle zuks.

looks like some of you have completed some nice projects that i missed such as studly's zuk getting a REAL engine and nowhere's big pimpin zuk with the custom interior. i even caught a glimps of a zuk with rockwell axles!! cool stuff. so whos gonna step up to the plate and install a CAT 3208 diesel engine in a samurai?? everyone take it easy, and i will try and check in from time to time. later

billybob 10-02-2003 04:42 PM

Re: just checking in

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