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Wrecked the ZUK today F&CK!

Well while trying to dodge some ass in a S-10, who changed lanes twice, I rearended another jerk off who stopped for a green light(WTF) who had a suspended license!

My brush bar is dead, my Hella 500's are toast and the front clip is pushed back quite a bit.

Mother************ son of a BIOTCH.

The inronic thing is the guy who I hit (BMWX5) siad the exact same thing to the cop that I did. That the S-10 driver was driving eratically and changed lanes twice.

I told the officer I was just trying to avoid the moron in the S-10 when I rearended the Bimmer. Then the S-10 guys wants to argue with me? WTF? So any suggestions? I called my insurance company, and am still waiting to hear back from them. The dude in the S-10 tried to leave the scene, but I made him stay and we got all of his information(as a witness, but hopefully that will change).

Number one: IF dickhead in the S-10 wasnt driving like a POS this would have been avoided.

Number two: IF jackass wasnt out driving on his suspended license, I would have never hit him.

Number three: The old lady is going to have my balls on a stick, because were supposed(are)to be moving to cali next month.

The claims officer seemed interested when I told her about the bimmer drivers suspended license so maybe this will work in my favor.

Thank Jesus the hood opens, no radiator damage, and besides my Hella's all lights work. Steering seemed a little bit more sloppy, so I had to compensate the steering while driving it.

Any advice? Will they drop me when they see my Sammi is lifted? 31's? Missing Links?

I need a Grand Marnier!

Kamazuki aka screwed [img]images/graemlins/cussing.gif[/img]
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Re: Wrecked the ZUK today F&CK!

Sorry to hear; good thing you were alright. You won't want to hear this but to cops and insurance companies, there is no such thing as an accident. Everything can be avoided. They'll hit you hard especially since you rearended someone. Sorry but that's the way it is.

Also, I don;t know how your insurance company works but mine here in Canada (a HUGE company across North America, maybe the largest) told me an interesting thing when the hood from my Trans Am was stolen. He said that any time you mod out a ride, whatever it is, they will NOT insure you for those parts. Case in point: having a different bumper, lighting, tires, blah, blah, blah. They will replace it all with stock components only. If you don't like it, they'll cut you a cheque for the value of the stock parts. That's it and you're on your own.
I asked him a hypothetical question: suppose I had a blower on my TA and it was stolen along with the hood. Would insurance cover me? Answer: hell no! First it wasn;t a stock piece, and secondly they would only replace it if they knew I had it. And at that point, the insurance would have been denied or outrageously high. Good luck.

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Re: Wrecked the ZUK today F&CK!

I had almost the exact same thing happen. Guy cut across two lanes like a maniac right in front of me to try to run a light, but he did not realize there was a car in front of me stopping. I was pulling a trailer. Right after he got in front of me he nailed the brakes and I hit him. Several people were willing to testify what he did. Ins company said whatever, and the claim went as my fault. [img]images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]
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Re: Wrecked the ZUK today F&CK!

Seems to be the same here. Nobody cares, who I have spoken too. All they care is my car hit another car and thats that. Doesnt matter what events took place before the accident. OH, they also dont give a sh*t that the guy I hit was driving on a suspended. If he wasnt driving it would have never happened. BS i say.

Anyone got a front clip locally? I dont think I need the whole clip just the front assembly, Can it be removed from the clip? It looks like it screws in, but never taken it off before.

Kamazuki [img]images/graemlins/cussing.gif[/img]
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Re: Wrecked the ZUK today F&CK!

Here in NC, if you rear end someone, it's your fault. period.
Could this accident have been avoided if you'd left a greater following distance from the car in front of you? My guess is yes. If the stupid-a$$ with no license hadn't been driving, it wouldn't have happened either... Sorry you wrecked - glad you're ok.
Steve O'
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Re: Wrecked the ZUK today F&CK!

Steve-O You can fight and win the rear-end it's your fault rule...its called "Road Rage".

Kam if you have sufficent witness statements then sue him the S-10 for the $$$, Also from my understanding you went to another lane to avoid an accident thus causing one, right? The rich guy driving under a suspended license could be sued also, because being stopped at a Green light is reckless drving you cuold show fault to him, and the fact that he was on the road insinuates fault.

Anotherwords, call your local TV attorney that works off the premise of paid to win, and if he or she takes it, you will win, because they won't take a loser. Also sue for a reasonable yet large sum, like $50K, for each one. I bet you could use an extra 60K for your move. 30K to the Ambulance chaser, and you are on your way.
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Re: Wrecked the ZUK today F&CK!

i was at the post office a while back in my truck it was parked and off
i was killing time . 30 min went by i cranked up, looked back no one coming, i started backing up and a lady in a van backed into me.
i was on private property so he did not write a ticket
this is what happened she came out of the post office no one was coming and she jumped in a starting backing up with out looking. she told the officer that i backed into here
the the funny part i cranked up the truck a 350 with an exhaust leak at the head and in the muffler to say the least it was real load cop said you mean you could not hear that truck lady
told her it was her fault but he could not write a ticket

here is reason for the story

i called my insurance company told them what happened and instrucket them not to pay for anything period
she requested a caim and they called me i told them not to pay she said but she will take us to court i said let here no need to threat court because she was in the wrong
dont pay period

in GA. if you rear end some it's your fault period ( of course their is allways that 1% chance you can not be charged)

i have learned to never chang lanes like that if he is going to hit you let him it would be his fault

you could let it go to court explain what happened you shot to the open lane to avoid hittin him and the guy infront slamed the brake at a green light for the same reason and you hit him
it does not matter if he had license or not
it was still a car

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Re: Wrecked the ZUK today F&CK!

My wife had a problem much like yours, she was driving in the fast lane on the freeway and a truck coming up the on ramp cut across two lanes of traffic in the rain and my wife had to hit the brakes hard and put the new car in the ditch. AAA said since the truck "merged" without hitting my wifes car, WE where at fault. This had nothing to do with the fact that the driver of the truck left the seen and had no drivers license, regestration, or insurence and wasn't even a legal US citizen(viva mexico) I paid out of my pocket for the repairs.....good thing I wasn't drivin' or there would have been another "accident" after the first one.
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Re: Wrecked the ZUK today F&CK!

A buddy and i jus recently ran over a mitsubishi mirage in a lifted F250. We literally ran over the back of it. He was driving. He has no insurance and a restricted license, they didnt do a damn thing to him.

On my 17th birthday i was tboned. I had a 1978 IH Scout II. I got hit by an exp (sporty escort) and it totaled my scout. Picked it up and spun it around twice. A scout weighs 5800 lbs and a exp weighs 1900. And he was doin the 30 mph speed limit? Even tho witnesses say he aimed at me and deliberately hit me and one witness even testified to the cop sayin "ha, we finally got the kid in the orange scout" i got the ticket and my insurance went up. The guy that hit me still walks away in the other direction when he sees me. Hell he would call and see if i was workin or not when i worked at sears so he could come shop. But thats another story that the cops never found out about.

I got hit in my travelall 1 month later. I was rearended and my insurance still went up.

I have another insurance company now and i can put mods that ive done to my sami and they will cover them without changing my premium. Dads 65 mustang is insured at a set value that is set by dad.

All i can say is you rearended somebody and your pretty much screwed unless you can get off on a technicality. Good luck.

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Re: Wrecked the ZUK today F&CK!

Probably your only chance to recover anything is to make a civil claim in court against the S10 driver for causing
the accident. Use all the reports against him. The car you hit is your responsibility. You might
make some headway in a civil suit again against the S10 driver. Possibly the BMW driver would back you?
I wouldn't bet on it though.
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