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gi_zuk 12-20-2002 11:54 PM

Weber 32/36 DGAV
Just got a new Weber today and I noticed that it's considerably different than the old 32/32 DGV model. [img]images/graemlins/ooo.gif[/img]

Main Jets
Primary & Secondary:140/140

Air Jets:
Primary & Secondary: 140/150

Idle Jets:
Primary & Secondary: 60/50

The bowl vent is alot smaller and seems to be higher. [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

The primary and secondary jet holders aren't the same size.
Jetting is completely different than the old 32/32 DGV carb.
Off the top of my head, the primary and secondary were 120/155 and the idle jets were both 42. [img]images/graemlins/ooo.gif[/img]

Just wanted to share the info. [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

Sarge 12-21-2002 07:26 PM

Re: Weber 32/36 DGAV
It's about time Ron and the techs at Redline started listening to me . ......

JimC 12-23-2002 09:34 PM

Re: Weber 32/36 DGAV
Where did you get it and how much did it set you back?


gi_zuk 12-23-2002 10:05 PM

Re: Weber 32/36 DGAV
I got it from one of the ebay vendors; JT Outfitters. I think it was $287 shipped to my door.

Sarge 12-23-2002 10:09 PM

Re: Weber 32/36 DGAV
Make sure to use a regulator and liquid filled guage with it , and run the fuel pressure at 3psi or a little less . I have some setups here if you can't find the parts . Jets and other stuff too....

gi_zuk 12-23-2002 10:23 PM

Re: Weber 32/36 DGAV
Here are a few more notes on the carb.

The float that comes in the carb is the "off-road" nitrile, plastic carb instead of the brass one.

The fuel inlets and outlets are 1/4" instead of 1/8". This means that you've got to go to the 1/4" fuel line size and clamp the crap out of it at the fuel pump or return line.

The flush studs that mount into adapter to the manifold are 1/2" too long. They bottom out in the manifold. A few minutes with a hacksaw and a file fix the problem but it's not bolt on.

The vaccum plugs that come with the kit are pretty much useless because they are all 1/4". Most of the vaccum points on the intake are 1/8"

Other than that, it runs great. It seems to be jetted right. Anyone make any changes in jetting for the 1600?

Sarge 12-24-2002 10:06 AM

Re: Weber 32/36 DGAV
If you go with an electric pump, which is a lot safer and will provide the correct fuel flow for the carb , you can use the existing steel lines and mount the electric pump in place of the rear fuel filter . In the engine bay, the steel lines that feed fuel up to the carb can be used for a regulator/guage setup since the lines are already 5/16" or 8mm . This will eliminate two potential problems . One , the stock fuel pumps are notorious for dumping fuel in the engine and wrecking the crank . Two, the stock fuel pumps sometimes won't provide enough flow to keep up with the carb under a hard load . Check the color of your plugs , they will tell you how the jetting is . If there is any off-idle hesitation or stumble , or lack of pull or roar at high rpm, it's not jetted correctly . I set most 1.6's up with 145 mains , 50-55 idle jets, and 170 air correctors. Accelerator pump nozzle with a 55 or 60 also . That adapter kit should install with no problems , unless you got the weird 1 pc design . The first base plate goes on with 4 allen head countersunk screws, same with the second plate . The carb studs just bottom out to meet the first base plate . Hope this helps,

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