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happy2b1 12-09-2002 01:54 AM

Still need help:finding Diagnostic plug
[b]<font color="blue">92 Zuk sideKick JX, 1.6L,16Valve,EFI , 4x4

STILL, I'm trying to find where the plug is so I can run test for diagnostic codes.
I didn't see anything by the battery and not sure what to look for under the dash.
i been searching the net for a picture but no luck yet.

A friend of mine has a OBD II Code Reader will this work on this Zuk? if so where does it plug in?

The check engine light doesn't come on when the ignition key is in the on position.
Does this light only work when in the testing mode?

Also, where is the fuel pump relay?

thanks , all help is appreciated

awsmzuk 12-09-2002 01:59 AM

Re: Still need help:finding Diagnostic plug
<font color="blue"> ok, if you sidekick is anything like my 91 zuk, which, I think it is, could be wrong though. You stick a fuse in the designated slot in the fuse panel and then read the number of flashes from the check engine light when you turn it to the acc position. But this will be a waste of time 75% of the time, but sometimes it does give the correct code.

Wes. </font color>

Mini4x 12-09-2002 06:07 AM

Re: Still need help:finding Diagnostic plug
Are the 16v's different from the 8v, My 93 8v has a small 4 pin connector out by the battery..

Bazuka 12-09-2002 09:01 PM

Re: Still need help:finding Diagnostic plug
Hi -

The OBDII reader will not work for this vehicle. Your vehicle is OBDI. The fuel pump relay is on a tab on the ECM mount above the left foot area of the driver. It will be the one with pink wires going to it. The check engine light will only operate if there is a problem or if your duty check connector is jumped. The duty check connector will be found on the right front area behind the headlight - follow the harness back from the headlight until you find a 4 pin connector with a black rubber cap over it. It will have a violet/yellow, blue/yellow, and a black wire going to it.

happy2b1 12-09-2002 11:55 PM

Re: Still need help:finding Diagnostic plug
[b]As far as ECU repair/rebuild has anyone ever heard about or dealt with this place?

Auto &amp; Truck Electronics in Lake Worth FLorida
they sent me this info:[b]<font color="blue">
"We request that you send your ECU into us for FREE TESTING.
If we find a failure,
we will explain to you what caused the failure and where to check in your vehicle for the original problem.
If no explanation is given than the failures were specifically within the ecu and no outside origination occurred.
If your ECU needs rebuilding we have one of five Warranties for you to pick from:
1---Rebuilt w/ 45-day warranty-$99.00
2---Rebuilt w/ 1-Year Warranty--$149.99
3--Rebuilt w/ 2 Year Warranty-$189.00 w/Transfer.Warranty
4---Rebuilt w/ 3 Year Warranty-$229.00 free 2day ship&amp;Transfer.Warranty
5--Rebuilt w/Life Time Warranty-$275.00 Free shipping &amp;Transfer.Warranty
We also accept Visa &amp; MasterCard
You may call us Toll Free @ 1-800-257-3395 ext 10
</font color>
Sounds like a good deal [img]images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img] What do ya think?

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