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Zuki Update ... and Questions

Well, it turned out that the clutch cable disconnected. And it only cost me $65 for the mechanic to reconnect it [img]images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]. Anyhoot, I've had a busy day. I replaced the fuel filter and the O2 sensor in an attempt to improve Zuki performance. Won't know if it works until the morning (having trouble in cold weather), but I was just wanting to pick everyone's brain and see what they thought.

Problem: In the morning when I start her up, she idles incredibly rough a little bit under 1 rpm. Lots of exhaust and a bit of black soot ... soot goes away after a minute or two but exhaust stays around I sit and warm her for a good ten minutes and then I'm on my way; by now RPMs have increased until a little over 1. However, sometimes when I come to a stop for the first 10-20 minutes of initial driving, the engine just cuts out. She starts right back up and after about 20 minutes she's fine. I'm really at a loss for what's going on, other than its time for a new carb.

What I've Done: new fuel filter, new O2 sensor, checked the preheater hose and the valve and they both seem to functioning properly, and I've hit the side of the carb with a screwdriver just in case the float is stuck (Thanks for the advice, Sarge [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img])

Does anyone have any idea of what's going on?
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Re: Zuki Update ... and Questions

Not sure, but I'd think that your choke is set too rich. Closing off the air too much.
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Re: Zuki Update ... and Questions

you also may have a vacume leak causing the idle not to idle higher while cold, until the engine warms up.

as for the black soot, that could be due to timing, or your engine rings may be on their way out,

that is all I can think of right now
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Re: Zuki Update ... and Questions

I'd check those vaccuum hoses -- especially the one that runs to the distributor.

Hose is cheap and, if you replace new hose one section at a time, an easy fix.

Grab ONE piece and take it down to the auto parts store and get 3 feet of it. Then start replacing!
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Re: Zuki Update ... and Questions

just wonderin if you've checked the plugs, wires, cap and rotor?.....they get overlooked a lot of the time....good luck
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Re: Zuki Update ... and Questions

sounds like the vacuum operated choke pull off is not working or not adjusted right.It's a small vacuum pot on the choke side of the carb that opens the choke slightly when the engine starts.
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Re: Zuki Update ... and Questions

I would suspect several things, possibly in combination, in the following order:

Initial (cold) Choke plate setting, and cold idle setting. (it should be closer
to 2000 or a bit more with the choke set) Get your air cleaner off and "set"
the choke. (1 full push to the floor and let it up) The choke should be almost
completly closed and at the prescribed setting. At an outside air temp of 77
no more than .020 (inch) open (.004 min). and at 104 air temp, a maximum of .11 (inch).
This is measured at top edge of the plate to the throttle bore.

As mentioned, check the vacuum pot to the choke.

There are 2 idle speed adjustments. The hot idle is fully exposed and visible on the
linkage (in back of the carb facing the firewall). The hot idle mixture is controlled
by a linkage cam and the cam has a mark where the follower should line up. I haven't
adjusted this one so I'm not sure how its done. (Anyone else?)

There is a fix for a known carb issue the adds a piece of tuping to the vent tube at the top
of the carb near the choke plate. Some carbs leak fuel through this tube, and an extension to
the tube fix's this problem. It is usually more of an issue climbing hills, but can in some cases
happen on the flats. I suspect that when this happens, on the flats, it is caused by the
float level being set too high. This may be the case for you.

The hot air inlet to the air cleaner may also be involved, so be sure its working and the flapper
valve operates properly. Hot air when the engine is cold helps it run smoother.

Black smoke will be a too rich condition, Blue smoke will be oil being burned. Ff you have soot,
its almost certainly too rich, and unless the carb is completely junk, should be able to be adjusted out.

Most carbs that are un-repairable have worn out throttle plates that leak vacuum at the throttle plate
shaft, have gummy deposits in the tiny feeder passages inside, or a chunk of something wedged
where ordinary cleaning cannot remove it.

Most carb problems are adjustments out of whack, dirt in the float bowl, or bad gas/water in the fuel,
or ECM and ECM controlled junk dying, dead.

I doubt your ECM stuff is bad, or it would not warm up past the problem.

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