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Sammy\'s vs Trackers

Why does everyone modify sammy's instead of trackers and kicks? Is the solid front axle that much better?

What can I do to my tracker to make it an offroad machine? Well not really, just a bit better? 235's?
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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

I like the looks of a Sami better. And I think you run into suspension geometry problems with the independent front end? Thats it.
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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

You mostly answered your own question. IFS is more difficult to lift. Tire size increase is
limited without serious mods. Do a search, this has been discussed several times.
(I'm not a kick guy so I really can't get itno the details)
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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

There are lots of reasons.

1) Samurais are generally cheaper to buy starting out
2) Solid axle vs IFS
3) Easier to lift with greater variety of lift kits available
4) Lots of aftermarket support
5) Several engine swap choices/kits available
6) More gearing choices
7) Many more reasons, too many to list

But that doesn't mean that Trackers/Kicks/X90s/Vitaras can be built and wheeled. It just takes a little more money and a little more patience. They are starting to gain more and more aftermarket support in the form of taller lifts, lower gearing and better armor. The IFS is their biggest limiting factor. But I think as time goes on you will see more being built as Samurais become harder to come by.
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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

What does it take to make the trackers into a better off-road vehicle?
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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

Well, that is sort of an open ended question. In general you want a lift, larger tires, lower gears and armor. A better question to ask yourself is, what kind of 4 wheeling do you plan on doing with it? Once you answer that, you can better guage what you need to do to it.
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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

I like to run in mud and snow mainly, no rock crawling or extreme offroading, but I like climbing slopes and cliffs and stuff...
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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

A good place to start is either Calmini ( or Rocky Road ( Both of these companies have lots of stuff for the Tracker/Kick/X90/Vitara platform. You should be able to find a kit that will benefit your needs, a mild lift to fit some larger more aggressive mud terrain or similar style tires. Maybe some lower gearing depending on how large you go on tire size.
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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

Well I'am a sidekick owner also. I just bought it last srping and starting to find out about the mods you need for off roading. I posted not long ago about IFS-vs-straight axle.I think you'll find most are going for the straight axle because it is stronger with less chance of breakage plus I think you may have more flex. I have heard that if you have the IFS you can plan on replacing axles and cv's but there are mods you can do to decrease the breakage such as stronger axles and houseings.I use to own a 87 sammi many moons ago and took it just about anywhere with only 235's and heavier shocks. I plan on useing mine as mostly a daily driver and a trail rig. I'don't plan on beating the hell out of it but would like it to be able to make it thru mud and over rocks without putting tons of money into it. There are always ways around obsticles without having to go over them. I just took mine off road for the first time. I was surprised at what it can do. You just have to get use to hearing that frame bang off the rocks a few times and know your limits.I'm happy to just go around something and watch others play.Well enough about me, as someone already said there is alot more out there for sammi's. I think the sidekick/tracker is kind of in a development stage. The calmini susp. lifts are good I guess if you know the limits.RRO has a 2.5 susp. lift that is suppose to be better and is coming out with a 6 inch kit in the winter from what I hear.If your going hardcore the straight axle is the way to go.As for me, I'm doing a 3 inch body lift for now and bigger tires.Then I'll wait and see what new comes out or what others have done to their sidekicks and how it works.I was going to do the 3 inch calmini susp. on mine till I got feedback on broken axles and cv's.I'll save my money for now till I do more research.It would be nice if someday someone comes out with a straight axle in kit form for the sidekicks so you don't have to go out and salvage axles and springs from a junk yard.Well as you can see there are many opinions and options you will get on this subject.From what I see the sammi will be around for ages,there seems to be tons of parts out there for them.The sammi owners are now salvaging parts from sidekicks for their vehicles.Funny how sidekick owners want to get rid of the axles and sammi owners want them.(LOL)Well I guess I have gone on way too long and probably just confused you more. Good luck with your sidekick. [img]images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img] <font color="black"> </font color>
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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

It's funny how things go around, get changed, then revert
back again.

It wasn't all that long ago when all 4 wheelers were solid,
wagon wheel axles - left over from long, long before cars
were ever even dreamed of. Until the 40's even almost all
2wd drives were wagon axles too.

Then someone came up with a revolutionary idea: Let each
wheel act on it's own to go over obstacles.

Suddenly magazines picked up the idea, wrote articles about
it, then kit makers jumped on the band wagon.
For a while you were looked down upon by those "in the know"
if you had solid axles.

Then the OEM folks saw the gold in it - sell 4x4's with
independant suspension. It caught on fast.

Now that most everyone has independant suspension, the mags
looked for something to write about, and the kit makers needed
something "new" to sell.

What goes around comes around.

Funny, how when the right wheel goes up over a rock, it's "cool"
to have the left wheel lay over on it's corner too out of

Yes, stock independant's have the limitations due to CV joints,
but that's mainly because the OEM's offset the axle to clear
the engine pan, making the shafts so short.

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