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Thoughts on Zuwharrie

Zuki guys and gals,
I have already "checked in" on the other post so you know I got home safe and sound, but I wanted to use this post to just give some out some of my thoughts on Zuwharrie. I wanna start by sharing a bit of a conversation Donna and I had on the way home. She told me she was sorry I only got to go on one trail ride (more than half the day) and I explained to her that for me, Zuwharrie was not just about the trail rides. If it was just a bunch of guys that showed up, hit the trails, then either packed up and left, or went straight to their tents at night, then I would not go. I go for the fellowship of the people there. People with shared hobbies, people that, even though I may only see them a couple times a year, are truly my friends. Sure, I get free stuff at Zuwharrie, but even if I were not allowed to get free stuff, I would still go. Well, now that I have shared that, let me share some other things I learned or observed this weekend.

-If your 33" tires are bad enough to make your Zuki wander on the road while you drive it, then they will do the same thing when you try to flat tow it.

-If one tire place doesn't give you a good price on tires, there are others in town that will, don't be afraid to move on.

-Brand new tires on a Zuki are very nice, if you've never owned a set of new tires (like I had) then get you some, you'll be glad you did... till the credit card bill arrives.

-There are people at Zuwharrie that are cheaper than me.

-Kevin W. has a loud generator, and he doesn't care.

-Kevin W. was born to be in management, after an offer to help him set up his tent, he gave short instructions then disappeared and showed back up with a beer in hand to watch us put his tent up.

-Kevin H. can fit him, his son, and everthing in their house into a Grand Cherokee and on a trailer.

-If you get your hands on a set of rare SJ413 emblems and you put them on you Zuki, stay up all night to protect them. Don't fall for Todd's distraction techniques.

-The little nut on the top of a gas lantern that holds it together can cause 3rd degree burns in about .4 seconds.

-What I thought was white/grey/black camouflage looks to others like a cow print and now my tow vehicle is considered to be Cow-moo-flage.

-The key to my truck starts Kevin W.'s truck, his key starts my truck.

-Lots of people leave their keys in their Zuks.

-I like driving other people's Zuks.

-Driving BiLLybOb's Zuk gives you instant popularity.

-You will lose that popularity when you accidentally shift the wrong shifter out of the 4 you have to choose from and end up going backwards instead of forwards, or vice versa.

-Winning big prizes in the raffle makes people hate you.

-Women at Zuwharrie will state what is really on their mind long before the men even think about it.

-Watch out for AIR SNAKE!

-It is easier to flat tow a Samurai without the parking brake on.

-BiLLybOb is a great cook and a far greater person.

-If you have a dream about someone rolling their truck and getting their hands cut off and getting chased by monster trucks, don't tell them and everyone else around the campfire the next morning.

I'm sure I learned more, but I'll spare you from having to read everything. Now it's time to get some of my photos up online. I'll be back in a little while to post pictures here.

Justin D(oes wheelies) Fender
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Re: Thoughts on Zuwharrie

AND... look out for those falling acorns man!
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Re: Thoughts on Zuwharrie

Justin D(arn nice guy) Fender...I couldn't agree with you more....Zuwharrie isn't as much about the trails as it is about the people that attend. The Uwharrie National Forest trails can't compete with places like Tellico and Moab, but the people that come to Zuwharrie are awesome!

Hey...sorry about the trailride was slow going after we got behind that other group of Jeeps. But you did a good job of keeping us all entertained [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

[img]images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]By the way....did you ever make it to Walmart??
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Re: Thoughts on Zuwharrie

Here are some pictures... also good news! The Mile Marker locking hubs that I won in the raffle that were suspected to be CJ hubs are actually Samurai hubs! Yeah! Enjoy the pics:

Me asking for a little help on the rock pile.

Jay jumped on for ballast and Corey came in to push me off the rocks if need be.

Me driving BB's zuk backwards... or was it forwards?

Black Zuk, Orange Zuk... just in time for halloween.

Sam spotting Corey up Kodiak Rock.

Corey and Emily on trail behind us.

Anyone else think the trails at Uwharrie are getting cut deeper?

Corey, me, and Jay on the rock.

Your leg can't get run over from up here.

The truck on the left is the one that took the bad spill, I wanna see more pictures... what are they all looking at? Oh, the idiot to the right.

R/T's Zuki army wants you!

Me showing the Zuki who's boss.

Drive BiLLybOb's Zuk up the ramp and gain instant popularity.

We all tried really hard to push that rock over.

Children run in fear when I get behind the wheel.

Gratuitous sticker shot.

Driving up the hill I hate!

I walked up and asked... "What is it?" If I remember it is like a '77 Blazer, this is the guy that brought RTI ramp.

Brandy regales the women and children with a story around the campfire.

And since I knew some people would ask... here's the rock dance.

Justin D(oes this for a living) Fender
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Re: Thoughts on Zuwharrie

Sounds like I missed another great time. I actually thought about all you guys as I pretended to fit in at a nightclub just off of Times Square, sipping a $18 Martini. A cute blonde from Brooklyn put her arm around me and asked if I'd rather be somewhere else, I told her that I wished I was with my Zukin' buddies... A few minutes later I realized that she meant my hotel room.

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Re: Thoughts on Zuwharrie

Sounds like you could have gotten everything at Zuwharrie that you got in NY. (tent hopping included).

Another thing to add about Zuwharrie... BiLLybOb is good therapy. If you really know the man, then that is enough said.

Justin D(elighted Zuwharrie goer) Fender
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Re: Thoughts on Zuwharrie

Justin (and others),
Great job on my tent!!! Also, don't forget about how we learned that complete tow vehicle, trailer and loud generator can mysteriously move under the power of other "Cow-moo-flauged" keys. It was great to see everybody again, Tana and I had a blast, we can't wait until next year.
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Re: Thoughts on Zuwharrie

thanks fer sharin yer pics justin. appreciate it. look like ya had a blast. ifairs aneewae i can talk ya into puttin em on a cd n sendin em ta me, id love ya forever. got a lil bit of video of us on kodak rock i could sendja too.
BiLLy bOb
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Re: Thoughts on Zuwharrie

<font color="red"> </font color> AIR SNAKE [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: Thoughts on Zuwharrie

That sounds like so much fun. Hope to make it next year, but its doubtful. At least I'll be able to laugh at your post though, this is great [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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