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Thoughts on Lockers????

I know this is a continuing post but I still have to ask. I have 2 diffs (Front and Rear) they both have lockers in them, and they also stock gearing. Real quick so i dont confuse anyone they are not istalled yet, I just picked them up. I am not sure if I want to put the rear one in. What is everyones honest opinion. I know that most of you have a hard time driving them. What do you think of this is as a set up. Front locked and running stock gears with a 4.1 t-case. Would this be a good set up. I would love to run 4.57 with the 4.1 case but that will be a long way down the road. I must remind however reads this I have been using my sammi as my daily driver and would like to keep it that way too. Well any thoughs of what you would do, I am open ears. Thanks in advace TOM
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Re: Thoughts on Lockers????

Are you going to drive it on ice and snow?

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Re: Thoughts on Lockers????

I've been using lockers in the back of my Samurai since 1996, and I couldn't live without at least a locker in back, if not front AND rear. The locker makes a huge difference in traction and control, especially in snow and ice. I never use 4wd in the winter anymore, unless I'm heading off on unplowed roads and need the additional forward traction. Just driving around town in the snowy and icy streets, I keep it in 2wd so that I always have steering control independent of the rear tires. Plus, there's better control over the understeer and oversteer characteristics since I can steer with the throttle as well as the steering wheel. If you haven't had much experience with driving a rear wheel drive vehicle in the snow, however, I would recommend practicing in a big snowy parking lot where you can learn its particular handling characteristics without worrying about other cars and people.

-- Geoff Beasley
Suzuki Tech Editor:
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Re: Thoughts on Lockers????

If you are worried about handling characteristics going away you could always spend the extra dough and purchase an ARB air actuated locker. This way you only have "locked" axles when you really need/want them. Yes thay cost a lot more but it is an alternative. Just my .02
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Re: Thoughts on Lockers????

After having experimented with a welded diff., In my opinion, the locker works FAR better in the rear than in the front. On the street as well as on the trail. You will not be happy if you only lock the front.
If you decide to go that route, (locking the front only), Try going frontward up a hill that you know is too steep or slippery. Then turn your rig around and back up it. You will find that you will go farther in reverse with the locker in the front.
It has to do with weight transfer.
Hope this helps
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Re: Thoughts on Lockers????

Alot depends on your driving habbits.
If you heavy on the gas pedal you may not like it.
I have a lock right in the back of my V8 FJ40.
I never had a problem, but alot of people did (heavy foot).
In my sami it is no different, if you can take it easy on the gas you shouldn't have a problem.
Mine is a daily driver to, locker front & rear [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: Thoughts on Lockers????

i am pretty heavy footed i realy hated my locker but later found out it had problems so i will when i get another it will probably go back in the rear i drive about 50 on 50 off road the on road is town not to bad and windy twisty up hill down hill roads the worst place for a locker and it realy sucks espically shifting up or down in turns i realy want a arb but cant real aford it
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Re: Thoughts on Lockers????

locked front and rear. Sometimes I am heavy footed. Most of the time I'm fairly easy. It took me about
15 minutes to get used to it. Does it have some quirks? Yes. Is it bad to drive? Not in my opinion. I'm a
ski patroller in the winter months and I'll drive my Sami up to the slopes maybe 1/3 of the time. I've haven't
had any problems. With locker in the rear I find it has gone anywhere on the road in snow and ice in 2 wheel
drive. I also know there are people out there who will tell you a locker is death on the road. Drive reasonably
and you will have no trouble. When I installed my locker I was stock tcase and gears. I then went to GRSII
tcase and recently went to 4.62 R&P [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: Thoughts on Lockers????

what about limited slip setups? This might be the best of both worlds..

SS51LS CALMINI Limited Slip Diff Unit - This unit is the factory stuff!. This clutch type features precise torque loading and puts the power to the ground by eliminating the traction loss of a spinning drive wheel. This units design incorporates a progressive rate of slippage that delivers predictable on and off-road performance and reduced driveline component stress. Consider this instead of a Lock-Rite if you drive on ice or snowy road on-road conditions. $399.95
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Re: Thoughts on Lockers????

I have rear Lockrights in both of my Zuks. They drive ok on the road and the lockers really make a difference in offroad ability. They mostly click when turning off of a road and they will pop on occasion. I have never experienced the abrupt lane changes many complain about with lockers, but they do cause some noticable lateral movement occasionally when they engage at highway speeds. I never had a locker in front.

I have also driven a Samurai with a welded rear. No clicking or popping, but they do chirp the tires in curves on pavement even at slow speeds.
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