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Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections

I have HAD IT with these friggin' yearly inspections. I am tired of trying to play by their rules when I have to put up with the kind of crap I was handed today. Ok, I had bought some stuff for my X90 quite a while back from CALMINI. I got a windshield banner (basically, their logo in white letters) with my order. So naturally, I put it on. This was about two years ago. I go to get my X inspected today and the lady pulls it into the bay and checks the turn signals. Then she looks at the banner, sticks a little scanner up to it for a sec and then comes into the waiting room. She gives me this: You are gonna have to scrap that banner off or I am going to have to fail you and charge you a $10 service fee. At first, I didn't know what to say. Nobody ever said anything about it before, it had passed fine last year with the same banner. So I asked why. She says "Its window tint and the law says you can't have window tint darker than 35%". My jaw nearly hit the floor, "Window Tint! When did this go into effect?" I asked. She said it has always been this way. I said no way, it has passed before with no problems. Nothing I can do now, she has my car in the bay and I either had to remove the banner to get my sticker or pay them the $10 service fee to fail me and let me leave. I was so pissed, she waited until she pulled it into the bay so I would have no choice but to pay one way or the other. I am tired of playing by the rules if they are gonna pull crap like this over something so trivial. I got my sticker by the way, no way in hell I was gonna pay them $10 to screw me over for nothing. I am not playing by their rules any longer. A new banner will go back on my windshield now that I have my new inspection sticker. And I think I will get that 1.6L 16valve header after all and just swap in the OEM temporarily when the next inspection comes around. Afterall, it only has to pass their rules while it is in their bay!
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Re: Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections

should have made her show you in writing because it also says nothing lower than 6" from the top of the rail
it is not tint just the way she wanted to force it
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Re: Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections

Remove the windsheild assembly next time...
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Re: Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections

"Remove the windsheild assembly next time..."

Unfortunately, to remove the banner you have to destroy it. There is no way to take it off and put it back on. It is just a big sticker of sorts. And it is not so much the banner I am mad about, that can be replaced easily enough. It is the fact that she saw the banner before she ever pulled it in the bay. She could have told me right then and there that she wasn't going to pass it. If she had, I would have just went somewhere else. Yet she waited until she pulled it in so she could hit me with the failure fee if I refused to remove it. And the fact that she chose to be so anal about the rules as to apply the window tint law to a logo which was about 1.5" above the AS1 mark (absolutely nothing can be below this line) on my windshield.
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Re: Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections

sorry to here about your trouble. move here to indiana they don't inspect at all, not even emissions, except up by Gary. it's great. when i put my header on i just took my cat off altogether.
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Re: Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections

(Rant on) Inspections are a big racket in my county too. I've been charged extra fees for measuring window tint darkness, checking headlight aim, and "shop materials". I once owned a Camaro that failed inspection because the filler neck of the gas tank was missing the "orifice washer" that prevents you from pumping leaded gas into the tank. (A previous owner had removed it so he could get gas can spouts into the filler neck more easily.) I tried to reason with the inspector by pointing out that THEY DON'T SELL LEADED GAS ANYMORE and I couldn't pump leaded gas into my tank if I wanted to! No good. They failed me anyway. When I got my Zuk inspected for the first time, they told me "Your exhaust won't pass inspection." I asked why not. He said "I don't know. The analyzer just reads "fail". That led to a shouting match between us that I eventually won because I threatened to sue him if he failed my inspection and couldn't tell me why!
I think there must be a conspiracy by the EPA to get older vehicles off the road by any means necessary. The inspectors seem to look a lot closer at older cars than they do new ones. Ronin, I share your pain! (Rant off)
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Re: Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections

Inspections are almost worse than going to the DMV---- unless you have a buddy in the business ;-)

I suggest finding a "good" shop, making friends, and keep on giving them your business. They will be a lot more flexible than your local Jiffy Lube that hires a new technician every day and they don't have a freekin' clue as to who you are.

My Zuk looks so "illegal" that I don't think any Jiffy Lube type place would even allow me to drive it in (unless they were trying to scam that $10 from me!). However, I have carefully checked over the NC inspection laws and technically nothing on my Zuk should cause it to fail. To avoid any hassels, I found a friendly mechanic to inspect my Zuk.

If you're interested, my DMV story involves trying to get my license after I moved to NC from NJ. I had all my paperwork checked over by the secretary who said everything was in order. I waited an hour to see the DMV agent who looked over my paperwork again and said that I didn't have any paperwork stating what my middle initial "F" stood for (I wanted to tell him that it stood for F U). He said that I needed something with my whole middle name. What a crock. I had my NJ drivers license, my social security card, and various credit cards and they all had just my middle initial on them. It usually takes a lot to piss me off and this sure as hell did it. I started swearing at the bastard, picked up my paperwork, and left with slamming the door behind me. Everyone was looking at me wondering what the hell happened. Oh well.
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Re: Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections

I'm with you in using buddies for inspections.

BUT, some of our Zook brethern at not as lucky to live in states like us where inspections are privately done at garages and very lax.

In many states you need to go to a state inspection center where mean, little gubbermint worker and take there power issues out on common folk.

Fact is, in all 50 states (per USDOT) you can not have anything, even a crack over 1" long, in the "field of vision" "except the rear view mirror", which is generally defined as where the wipers wipe. Some state/commonwealth DMV/DOT go further for the citizens of their states.

So yes, there might be a tinting % regulation and it was how she interpretted that is the issue. Personally, I think she is a a-hole.

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Re: Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections


Back when you could get a buddy to do the smog thing, that was so good... but the good 'ol EPA did away with that and now only state approved stations can do the cert. AAMOF.. it's come to the point where the state stations are going to be the ONLY ones that can pass/fail you.

We (the people of CA) can work around these EPA laws, but you really have to do your homework.

My favorite example was a guy I knew had a 1994 camaro with a full blown small block stuffed into the front of that thing... (196? motor) that the EPA couldn't touch him cuz he was the owner of both cars and had all the proper paperwork for both [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] The only thing was the Police kept pullin him over cuz of the 'field of view' hinderence law thing.

Boy that car should looked cool with about 2ft of polished motor stickin out of the hood...
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Re: Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections

yep - an NC loophole: you have to have wipers, but you don't have to have a windshield. friend of mine passed on this technicality once. huge crack in the windshield and they were going to fail him. he kicked out the windshield and passed...
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