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J-B Weld uses?

Hey kids,

I had never even heard of J-B Weld until a month or two ago when someone on here was talking about using it to cure pitting in motorcycle forks or something like that. I was in a store having a going out of business sale today and saw a package of it on the shelf and grabbed it just for the heck of it. It appears to me to be similar to epoxy, but claims to be metal?!?

Keep in mind that while you guys were all growing up in garages rebuilding motors and welding when you were 2 years old and going to shop classes I was busy doing other stuff (being sick, reading, learning to play a bunch of musical instruments, etc.) so please excuse my general ignorance on this topic, but what can you use this stuff for? I bet lots of you have really good stories about what you have been able to do with it through the years. Please enlighten me.

tank ewe,

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Re: J-B Weld uses?

I think it claims to be like "liquid metal", but it is epoxy. As far as uses...well, I have used it as filler for holes and small dents, as a sealant for parts that do not need to be seperated later, and also for "potting" electrical stuff. Sometimes it works well if you crack something and you need a field expedient fix.

You might play around with it a little on some scrap that you have laying around to get a feel for what its properties are.
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Re: J-B Weld uses?

well, being a genuine bilhillie, here ounna farm, adder duct tape and visegrips, jb weld is the next best thing. use it for lots of stuff. ive personally patched quater sized hole in a atv motor so i could go ride the wheels off it. fixed couple of gas tanks with it. seen it hold on a cracked cylinder head in a 5.slow mustang.
pretty good stuff. main secret is CLEAN the surface its going on BEST AS YA CAN!!!! the cleaner the better.
BiLLy bOb
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Re: J-B Weld uses?

The advantage JB weld has it it is machineable after cureing, and it is amazingly durable and seems to be impervious to automotive chemicals and fuels. its good to keep unopened tubes of it in a road box. head cracks have been repaired by drilling the ends of the crack to stop the crack and filling with JB.

My dad could have used it to fix a gear tooth hole in a diff case cover once near 40 years ago. He hammered a piece of wood into the hole, and refilled the diff. JB would have been much better.

You could patch a ripped radiator core with it to cripple home

permanant bonding of parts, as someone else mentioned.

Filling pitts in your steering knuckle bells, you mentioned M/C fork repairs. (I think that might have been me on that thread, its been said in several boards I'm in)

It use is limited only by your imagination.

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Re: J-B Weld uses?

<font color=red>*** while you guys were all growing up in garages ***<font color=black>

Ya well I had two other younger brothers and lived in a 3 room house, where do ya think my bed ended up....? lol
Ah good old J&amp;B Weld.....we used to use it to rebuild cooling fins on motorcycle heads. After filling, fileing and paint you couldn't tell where the repair was. Like Outlaw said filling the pits in my <a target="_blank" href=http://www.zakszuk.homestead.com/Balls.html>Balls</a>

Tons you can do with it if ya put your mind to it!!!

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Re: J-B Weld uses?

A group I was with came across a guy on a motorcycle one time. He had cracked the case on the bike and was a ways away from his truck. Someone in our group had JB Weld and they used that to fix the engine enough to get him back to civilization without pushing the bike.
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Re: J-B Weld uses?

The biggest thing I repaired with JB Weld was a drain pipe for an old claw foot tub.
I had to replace the floor, that ended up raising the tub. Getting parts for a claw foot tub on saturday night or was that sunday morning, is next to impossible. The gap was about 1/2", that was about 6 years ago. It's still holding. I have used it for alot of things, another interesting one was fixing a soft plug that was rusted on my old dodge truck. My Dad and I patched the leak, it was still holding when we sold the truck.
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Re: J-B Weld uses?

I used it to patch pinholes in a diff cover once. It was a rare axle, and we couldn't find a new cover. Worked great.

I also used it to add material to an oil dipstick so it would quit spinning and leaking...

I had heard of it LONG AGO, but thought it was hokee and I never used it. Until a year ago. The stuff is great.
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Re: J-B Weld uses?

I rebuilt the front corner of a Samurai fender with it once. The guy I bought the car from had hit something pretty hard which put a bananna size gash in the fender. There wasn't much dent, just this big gash. So, I ran thin beads of JB along each side of the hole and let them dry. I'd then run another bead over top of that and let it dry. Eventually I built it up enough that I could sand it. I sanded it smooth, primered it and you couldn't even tell it was there! All in all it was probably 5 lbs. of that stuff in there but if NEVER fell out or cracked.
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Re: J-B Weld uses?

I used to use jb weld pretty regular on my MG. Anything you want fixed permanently. I have tried to stop it on the zuk since I have a job now and can afford to actually buy new parts rather than just jb weld them back together. Most recently I used it to make a denatured alcohol camping stove out of pepsi cans. I always keep some around.

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