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Need some hints here... Help!

Drove the Sami back and forth to work, put it in the garage. At some point I noticed I didn't have a horn, just a click-click from under the dash. Hookups at the horn were ok, fuse good, oh well, deal with it later.

1 hour later I went to start it up, and the starter woudn't "un-catch" and kept cranking, and smoke started wisping (lots of it) from under the dash (right under the wheel)

What's the best way to start troubleshooting this? I took off the cover but didn't see anything obviously fried or feel anythg singed.

What do I do from here?
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Sounds like a wire is burning/shorting thru somewhere. (smoke=melting wires) And since the horn and starter are affected, I'd say it is in the wiring harness tucked up under the dash. Could be the wires began rubbing on something or just plain cracked. Probably the horn wire, since it was the first to go. Get a wiring diagram (Haynes or FSM) and trace it to it's power source - that'll probably be where the short is happening, somewhere on that line. (Probably where it is close to the ignition wires).
You need to shrink yourself down fit under the dash to see it. I still haven't figured out how to do that yet. Or learn the ways of contortionists to twist under there - just be sure noone is looking as you attempt this. [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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Don't know about you...........BUT the same thing happened to me. It was new-year's eve night (shoulda been partying) & I was getting ready for the BIG ride the next day. I went to crank the skuzi & starter got hung up & smoke started pouring. Read on in caution.........I grabbed a flashlight & poked my head under the dash. I could see some wires still smoking, so like a dumbass, I grabbed one. The soldering had melted & a big chunk dripped right into my eyeball. I believe I'd rather beat myself on the foot w/ a sledgehammer until there were no bones left. PAIN!!!!! No permenant damage was done to my eye, but EVERYone asked about my face the next day. Anyways, next morning I threw a new ignition switch in & she fired right up. Don't know what went wrong--never had a problem with the old one till that night. Never had a problem since.
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muRf, hey man, just put a price on it and ill be after it next weekend, heck, ill be adder it this weekend, see ya in about 10-12 hours. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img][img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img][img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
seriously, could be a number of things. sounds like a shorted wire to me. i have heard a "few" times of ignition switches shortin out. might check that out too.
dont know what else to tell ya cept dig in and good luck.
BiLLy bOb
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OK... DId some poking around and heres what I found.

Didn't find any obviously burnt wires, turned the key on and didn't see any smoke or hear any crackling (of course.)

Next, I removed the electrical switch from the back of the lock and turned it by hand with a screwdriver.
I should note the little buzzer does buzz when its supposed to

OFF- nothing
RUN- Starter kicks in, does not stop unti I turn switch off
START- starter stays kicked in from "run"

Took the switch down to the basement to open it up -- I noticed that the wire marked "starter" had come disconnected, but there was no break, the solder was shiny and smooth.

Took the switch apart, realized it was made of nothing but bb's and springs. Got that back together after cleaning the contacts and stuff.

I resoldered the wire back onto the little place it came from.

Re-hooked up the pigtail in the dash and the battery back on.. Turned the switch wtih a screwdriver... Same diagnosis as above -- starter always staying engaged.

This time though, the switch glowed hot near the starter wire -- it was as bright as an xmas tree bulb and smoking, the same smell as before. Unplugged that as fast as I could and unhooked the battery.

Is it safe to bet that the switch is toast, or is this just an indication of something else? I have looked all around and I did not see any other burnt wires


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Looking at my Haynes with the sammy wiring diagram (I have another copy in which it is omitted!) and I see that there are 4 wires coming out of the ignition switch.

Your description of the problem (starter runs whan the key is turned to "Ign" or "Run") tends to indicate that there is a short in the switch itself.

If the radio continues to run if you move the key to start, then you DEFINITLY have a ignition switch problem! All accessories should be unpowered while the starter is running.

My bet is the switch has bit the big one...

With the switch removed, an ohmmeter indicating a short between the brass connecter tab for the White/Yellow wire and the Black/Blue wire when the switch is in the "Ign" or "Run" position would verify this.
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I have a slightly different theory. Your starter solonoid has cooked and is locking in the starter engaged position. If it is the starter switch at the key. a connection has gone resistive and is cooking the wire. One The solonoid) could have caused the other easily.
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I had problems w/my ignition switch a while back also. One day i was driving and my Zuke just died on me. There was solder dripped on my right leg and foot .
The wires just got red hot and unsoldered themselves. (1 or 2 of em') Replaced the switch with the factory one and added in a nice large capacity steel toggle (kill switch) switch & fuse in-line underneath there also.
I don't remember really but I don't think I ever found the reason for the short or whatever. The switch just shorted after wearing out from being turned 500,000 times I guess. Never had a problem for at least a year now. Plus it's a little more theft resistant. One note I should add is this happened shortly after I had the common "clicky starter" problem. I bet I wore out that ign. switch trying to get that starter to catch over and over before I fixed it.

Good Luck.
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I'm willing to pay a quarter to investigate that theory of the solenoid... I'm from the school of thougt that says "Something caused it."

How would i go about checking this? Electrical is ALL new to me, I just learned how to check for continuity and all with my multimeter at the 'melt.

I already have a switch on the way from Bill Maulding, cuz I figure this one is toast.

Before installing (and possibly toasting the new switch) what should i investigate?

Now, I did mention that the horn stopped working, but that's a few days before all this. I get the click-click from a relay, but no beebeep.

by the way, thanks everyone for your help so far
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Murph, Did you get the wiring diagram? Jim
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