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Mini4x 07-06-2002 03:04 PM

Dang Vibration
Can't cure this vibrating shaft.
Transfer case wobbles from 15-22 mph, the more gas you give it, the more it wobbles. Running Breeze 4.5" SPOA, and TT YJ spring conversion. Stock driveshaft with the TT 1" extended yoke. First my pinion angle was too high, shimmed it and the angles are perfect now, but it still vibreates. Changed long arm and that didn't help either. Next step is a case bucket and new mounts.

Samurai202 07-06-2002 04:08 PM

Re: Dang Vibration
I am assuming your U-joints are good. otherwise I would say it's in your mount.

Billy Bob 07-07-2002 04:29 AM

Re: Dang Vibration
check the short t/c arm n the rubber t/c mounts.
BiLLy bOb

Mini4x 07-07-2002 06:28 AM

Re: Dang Vibration
think my rubbers are crappy.. they seem pretty soft, I can grb the tcase and it will wiggle some on the mounts, how much should they wiggle?

wildweasel 07-07-2002 06:28 AM

Re: Dang Vibration
Had the same sort of problem 2 years ago, turned out one of the u-joints in the d-shaft that goes between the trans and t-case had siezed up. another thing to check.

Bill4rest 07-07-2002 07:05 AM

Re: Dang Vibration
If your T-case mounts are good(metal and rubber) then I would look to the drive shaft extended yoke. I dought that the yoke has been balanced after welding. Esp after you put it on another shaft. I had a TT one as well (before my Sumos)and it vibed pretty bad.

Bill4rest 07-07-2002 07:07 AM

Re: Dang Vibration
Oh and if your rubber is soft they are good. the stiff ones are the ones that are bad and most likely cracking.

Tanzuki 07-07-2002 10:55 AM

Re: Dang Vibration
Depending on how much lift you have your drive shaft angle will change. If you have more than 15* of angle on your shaft it will begin to vibrate. Really to eliminate vibes on high angles is a cv which can be quite expensive. I picked up a rear yota shaft from a 84 truck. Cost my $45 I have to get it shortened about 5" and get a large tcase flanged machined alittle so the shaft will line up, and since I running yota axles everything should bolt right up.
And for about $150 I should have a shaft that cures most of my problems. Way less than I custom built CV shaft.

szki272 07-07-2002 10:57 AM

Re: Dang Vibration
i would check the u joints i had them seem tight and found the bearings were just a bunch of pieces inside every time i have ever had a vibration problem it has allways been a u joint i have used some realy poor ones that didnt hold up and with some of the things i pull around i am realy hard on them as well( you can pull a 23 ft travle trailer but i dont sugest road travel that way ford 3/4 tons in the mud are hard on them as well)

dparker 07-07-2002 11:15 AM

Re: Dang Vibration
i just went through this problem thought i had it narwoed doen to my d-shaft thought it must have been bent but it wasnt found the problem un frontaly my t-case is JUNK!

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