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mudlite 06-05-2002 07:39 AM

side gear locker
Has anyone else tried this yet? I have been running it for a bit, but not onroad. This is when you weld two valleys in the side gears ( NOT SPIDER GEARS) 180 degrees apart. This is a cheap and easy solution to the Linchon locker. It allows for some movement in the carrier, and does not rely on welding dicsimilar metals. I think the linchon locker is 50 50. Some get it, and some break. No more Lock-rote click click click. No more spooled rear tire wear. Best of both worlds at a Zuk owners budget :-)

slam 06-05-2002 08:27 AM

Re: side gear locker
Do you weld both of side gears or just one? And does it work as good as locked rear for offroading? Sounds like an easy and cheap way of locking the diffs.

mudlite 06-05-2002 08:30 AM

Re: side gear locker
Both side gears, 180 degrees apart on each.
It works just between a locker and a spool.
It isn't as forgiving onroad as a locker, but more forgiving than a spool. This is a step up from a Linchon Locker, and is a cheap solution to a real locker.

**DONOTDELETE** 06-05-2002 08:38 AM

Re: side gear locker
could you post pics or drawings of this sometime???? got me curious now

mudlite 06-05-2002 09:04 AM

Re: side gear locker
No pics , no drawing. But I can walk you through a drwaing :-)

Look at your watch ( hope you don't have a digital :-)
pretend that each hour is a tooth on your side gear.
Weld between tooth 12 and 1, then weld between 6 and 7.
What this does is allow the side gears to move 170 degrees to each other. The only differnce between this and a locker is it doesn't center itself. in other words, once you have turned left and the side gears lock in, if you continue to turn left your tires will start to scrub. So less forgiving than a locker, at a fraction of the price.

**DONOTDELETE** 06-05-2002 10:44 AM

Re: side gear locker
Include me on wanting more details/info on this. I saw when someone posted about this on the Pirate board, but as I can't ask questions there without getting all flames and no answers......

This idea sounds really good to me, but I would really like to know more before I just dive in with my welder [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Whoops! Took me long enough to post that you already replied. Thanks for the info, but would still love to see some pictures if anyone has some and some first-hand experiences/impressions.

Alfie 06-05-2002 02:56 PM

Re: side gear locker
At the risk of sounding dumb, can you explain it a bit more?
I have some side gears right here in my hand, but can't see how a couple of welds will make it lock.
Or is it to be welded to the diff canister thingy?
Guess I shouldn't own a computer eh.

Ionsponge 06-05-2002 03:05 PM

Re: side gear locker
If I understand, you are to FILL the valley at opposite ends of the gear with weld metal not weld the teeth to some other object.

Nowhere 06-05-2002 03:43 PM

Re: side gear locker
The side gears mesh with the spider gears, if you weld a little bit on the side gears, the weld will stop the side gear from turning on the spider gears @ a specific point. The side gears are allowed to turn freely, but when the welded area comes in contact with the spider gears it will stop, prob figure about ~~ 40* of movement maybe? That would equate to maybe 1~2 feet.. With the weld present and pressing on the spider gear (locked) the gears would be trying to force eachother appart, I'd be worried about gears cracking and the carrier housing cracking, maybe the bearings too.

mykwillisrn 06-10-2002 04:05 PM

Re: side gear locker
sounds to me that that would put alot of stress on the spider gears and cause them to break. i persomally would just weld the whole thing up. if you aren't runnin 35inch tires it is pretty forgiving onroad but solid as a rock offroad. ps i haven't had any problems with mine. does anyone even make a spool for a samurai?

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