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Yankee Tim 06-12-2002 01:11 PM

Re: side gear locker
The extents people will go to avoid the cost of an air locker.

mudlite 06-12-2002 01:48 PM

Re: side gear locker
Nothing is fool proof. I have just thrown this out to people as a cheap solution to a locker. I didn't say it was better than a locker. I said it was in between a locker and a lincon locker.

To me, a true spool is best for me in the rear, and a detroit up front. If they had OX when I put my truck together I would have gone that way. ARB's are junk as far as MY experience with them. I have seen nothing but problems with them. If some one isn't having trouble, your lucky. Too many broken hoses, pump problems, inner working problems....etc.

I just know that there are some Zuk guys out there that don't have 200 for a locker, and would jump at a better solution to a lincon locker IMO.

Lets hear form the guys that have tried unsucessfully to weld a rear end up. ?????????? When I was doing the Babbit locker , I was welding them first , then filling with lead.
We still busted them free. It took a year of abuse, but they still went.

I did the side gear locker in my FrankenZuk. Why? because I wanted to build a truck for under 500.00 and show the 50K jeep drivers what a 500.00 truck can do.

FrankenZuk: stock 1.3, 3.73 gears, dual t-case (LJ)
locked rear, 6 point cage, 3" body lift, 33's and 2" offset rims for 289.00 Canadian. The dual case is coming, plus I spent 200 on a clutch. ;-)

Yankee Tim 06-12-2002 02:56 PM

Re: side gear locker
I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but I don't think the axle shafts are going to like that constant loading/unloading. And eventually, those teeth will fail. How long? I haven't the foggiest.

As for the ARB, everyone has and is entitled to thier opinion. As for me, I think they are great. Before I bought mine, I spoke with with many folks about them. The overwhelming response was that they are well worth the extra money.

One jeeper had an ARB installed in a D44 in his XJ for several years now. He has over 100K miles on it, with the only maintenance was replacing the o-rings at around 65K miles. These o-rings are a wear item and are expected to be replaced. His pump and wiring gave him zip-zero-nada problems and while he never snagged his air line, he did replace the original one with the HD braided one a couple years ago. His ARB was professional installed by a 4x4 shop also. His only complaint was that the pump took forever in a day to fill a 32" tire.

I have a ARB in the rear of my GV, and after the first day on the trail I have fallen in love. "Where have you been all my life" is my comment. I know have over 10,000 miles on it and no problems whatsoever.

ARB makes a great product, and it's continued sucess is testimony to that. My feeling as to why ARB's are not so popular in the Zook crowd is a finacial one. 2 air lockers and a pump (~$1400) is more than many spent on buying thier samurai.

mudlite 06-12-2002 05:13 PM

Re: side gear locker
My experiences with ARB are with the Jeep crowd and yes some have great sucess and some have very bad experiences. For what it is , they are a great idea, but depending on the wheeling you do, I have seen many fail at the worst moments. Usually 1/2 way up Slick Rock in Tellico, or half way through a mud hole in Bobcaggen. There are too many hoses to fowl, fittings to leak, electronics to fail for my liking and many other hard core wheelers like me.

They are also not suited for larger than 35" tires, and so don't fit into my scheme of things. I have friends who have blown up several ARBS because they are marginal with 35's.

As I said, you may well be lucky and have no problems with your ARB. From MY experience, it is not for ME. thats an Idea. Simple, mechanical, serviceable, and predictable.

But heck, I'm sticking with my spool :-&

slam 06-13-2002 08:49 PM

Re: side gear locker
Is their anyone else out there that has tried this and how is it holding up? It seems like a inexpensive way to lock her up? I just dont like the lock-rights on road driving characteristics. Off-road they are great. I dont think there is any perfect way to lock up without having extra stress on the axle or gears anyway. Even the lock-right puts extra stress on the components. I cant believe that when the truck starts doing the herky-jerk around the corners on dry pavement in isn't tough on the drivetrain. And that extra play before the lock-right engages also must be tough on the gears, especially when getting on the gas.

Yankee Tim 06-14-2002 10:18 AM

Re: side gear locker
I agree, a cable locker would be the best route. Unfortunately, and ARB is the only selectable locker available for us.

BUT WHO KNOWS? A cable locker for the samurai might not always be a dream.

mudlite 06-14-2002 10:46 AM

Re: side gear locker
It's not a dream. You too can have an OX locker for your sammy. Its as easy as installing a Danna 44 . You have a full selection of spools, gears, ARB's, OX, Auburn, Detroit, Limited.......... endless. Why hold yourself to a label, live it up, sooner or later you know you will :-)

Yankee Tim 06-15-2002 09:10 AM

Re: side gear locker
Silly rabbit. You know by now why I won't use Dana's. Okay, maybe D44 knuckles on a Sidewinder axle. At least the 3rd member would still be Suzuki. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

mudlite 06-15-2002 05:23 PM

Re: side gear locker
Every Rabbit has its Day. As long as your happy with 31's and dragging your belly across the rocks. Cool. Been there done that, bought the farm. To each his own. Brand loyalty means little in todays wheeling.

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