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To all the bitch and moaners.....

I have never seen a group of "grown ups" act like this. As you can see this is my first post. I wish I was a more viable source of info, but Samurai's are still quite new to me. But I think its about time I start.
I thought that any BBS was for the sole purpose of seeing others point of view on things. I have been reading this Suzuki board off and on for about a year now. I can make the following 4 statements from what I've learned about many who post here:
1-There are many here who have tons of great info and opinions to share that has helped me build my Samurai.
2-I would rather have someone's true opinion whether you want to call it bashing or not.
3-As with any hobbie, there are costs involved, if you can afford those costs, then you can't afford the fun, it's a fact of life.
4-Those who consistantly feel they have to cry about a great source of info like Mr. Wakefield, or the cost of things, are the same people that I would rather not know.
There is too much drama here. I mean don't you guys read this for reference or help with your cars? If I wanted to read posts about complaining about the way someone says something about another or the drama that would follow, then maybe I would go take up a hobbie like scrapbooking, so that I could talk about the latest "days of our lives". Gimmie a break people, if you don't like what people have to say, why don't you just do what I did in elementary school, and tell your mommy on them.
OK, now that I've likely pissed alot of you off (the sensitive ones), I want to address the ones with the guts to state thier true opinions and that give uncensored replies: THANK YOU !

I'm an asian hick.
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Re: To all the bitch and moaners.....

Youre welcome.

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Re: To all the bitch and moaners.....

With all the spelling mistakes here I'm beginning to wonder if dparker has opened up another profile.

Calmini S/R
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Re: To all the bitch and moaners.....

You said the "B" word
I'm gonna tell my daddy on you!!! :^)
Johnny C

88 sammie flattie(for now)
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Re: To all the bitch and moaners.....

LOL i heard that but nope id miss spelled more if it was me

<font color=red>And yes if you dont no it buy now i cant spell LOL!</font color=red>
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Re: To all the bitch and moaners.....

Actually, folks have kept themselves in check pretty darn good as I see it. You see, this is really more than just a BBS. It's more like an extended family and sometimes families will squabble. Occasionally some will say something and others will react to it. In the long run, disputes die out and everything seeks it's own level. No harm, no foul. Folks kiss and make up and everyone still likes/loves everyone else....
Yes, and sometimes we go off topic a bit. I'm probably one of the worst offenders of this, but folks here become friends beyond the BBS. Personally, I've been touched by a great many here about their concerns for me, be it zook related or personal. Kindred spirits comeing together to form a great brother(sister)hood.....

Before you go tell your Mommy on me, having differing opinions is great and is what helps create such a enormous knowledge base. However, there is an item called "class". Class and guts can be light years apart. We gain little from "Oh, that product X sucks the big one". A much better approach is to tell how and why product x is unsatisfactory. We gain insight and more knowledge via this approach.
Budgetary concerns are very valid. Not everyone can afford to do whatever they wish to their zooks and sometimes we have to get creative or compromise. It's a simple fact of life.
Not everyone is pitching a bitch about Glenn. Some agree and some don't. Some have valid points and others maybe not quite as valid. Although the thread was precipitated in an amusing way, I believe it resulted in a healthy exchange of ideas/attitudes.
Uncensored replies? I'm not even sure what that exactly means.... People have been speaking their minds, just as you have just done, and yet you are complaining about their uncensored replies. Hmmmmmm.........

Your very welcome......

Now, where the *#!#!!* is my blankie?

All Good Medicine,

Creator, everything we do leaves a track. May our tracks be ones we would want you to see and others to follow......

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Re: To all the bitch and moaners.....

Do you know whats cool about this bbs? If you don't like the way the threads going quit reading! Oh yeah, welcome to the board!?


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Re: To all the bitch and moaners.....

Why shux, I didn't even open my mouth ONCE when the Glenn bashing started! We all need to vent from time to time, and some of us (even me!) gotta do it in front of everybody sometimes. Not all of us (yes, the camera is pointed back at me again) play nice all the time, but - most of the time, we're a civil lot, and we tolerate the differences of style in all the folks here.

That said, I don't always like the style of some of the people here, but I really respect the experience they bring to the table, as I am very limited in that area. Oh, I can read a book, and spout it back to you six months later, but I've never welded squat, and have almost no experience off-road (but I WILL be at Moab!).

Another thing. The people here care about and for each other like family. Nobody makes smart comments, when somebody puts up a prayer request, and those that walk that path are quick to respond. Truly amazing in this cold internet wired world we live in.

Just my .02


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Re: To all the bitch and moaners.....

3 Words for you 1.3 BITE MY ASS!!!!

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.
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Re: To all the bitch and moaners.....

Cost of modifications is an issue. Maybe to you 1.3, money is not a worry, but it is for me and i think a lot of others here.
Any advice given to save money (or not to waste it on stuff that wont work) is much appreciated.
I don't post much here but i look almost every day and have learnt a lot.
Overall this is a good, positive site, any negativity u find here does not linger on forever so don't be put off by any you find.

A Zookster from Sydney, Australia.
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