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redragon 01-10-2007 10:24 PM

Noob to Soobs, willing to learn!
Hello all, the name is Redragon (Red for short) and a few days ago I had a groovy adventure that ended up in a big score! :smile: :)

I had just gotten back from living in Japan for last 4 months and needed a ride..:confused:

My old man suggested going to this local "Speed's Towing auction" to find a cheap junker for the time being. We both looked up and down the isles until we found a 1993 Subaru Loyale. The car looked as if it was being preserved for some car show (No cancer, No Seat rips, Non-Smoker, etc). We didn't have time turn it on before the auctioneer started the bidding at $100. In a minute the car's worth shot up to $200 and Dad and I found ourselves bidding for this thing. Between us and another fellow, the price jumped to $350 when we raised to $375... there was a pause and then "Sold." Later on we got the keys and tried to turn it on...Putt, putt, Nothing. Dead. :confused: We thought it was the batt. so we put in a new battery in, but it wasn't that. So we towed it home (about 15mi. of adventure!) and diagnosised a fuel problem. Plan A was a New Fuel Filter, but Plan A didn't work out like we thought, so on to Plan B: Fuel Pump...

On the internet, we found pumps for $300 which sounded crazy
:shocked: so off to U-Pull-it, we went, to find something affordable. To our suprise, U-Pull-it had 2 '93 Soobie Loyales and we found out that the fuel pump on these cars are exposed!:grin: (i.e. the pump was not in the gas tank!) So $7 later we went home and installed it (before the snow started fall'n) and turned the key... "VROOOM! VROOOM!" it went and then went down to a steady idle. "Wow!" :o Dad said... "Cool."

So we took for a spin and went through the gears... Everything checks out, even the 4WD!:smirk: Guess now I got a car to go to school with and maybe a potential 4Wheel'n machine! :thumbsup:


rapscallion 02-01-2009 08:13 PM

awesome find on a classic sube man. I like the old subarus alot. I like the brats, and the 2 door coupe with removable roof,,, i forget the name of it but it's a nice car. Had air suspension too. Congrats again take care of it and it will take car of you! :)

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