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**DONOTDELETE** 01-26-2001 08:49 PM

MXZ idling to high
I own a 99 MXZ 600, since the beginning of this season my sled has been idling to high usually between 2500-3500 when the engine is at running temperature. when the engine is cold it's fine. The carburators were cleaned at the beginning of the season, and the plugs look good. I brought it to the dealer, they said it would be the crank seal. but it was not. They checked and cleaned the carburators and did'nt find anything wrong. but it was idling normal again. after I ran the sled a few miles it is idling to high again.
Any help would be appreciated.

**DONOTDELETE** 01-28-2001 05:53 PM

Re: MXZ idling to high
I had this exact problem on my Polaris Indy Storm, hopefully I can help. I'm not good with snowmobile terminalogy though so please bare with me. Follow your throttle cable off the handle bars, and find a little box box (mines black) that it leads into. I have a triple so 4 more cables come out the other end of the box, 3 for the cylinders and 1 for the oil pump. Now follow each of the 3 throttle cables down to what I call the throttle barrels (don't know the name, they're tube like things that the cable runs into). Check each cover on the throttle barrels, they screw on and can easily unscrew with all the rattleing and moving an engine does. One cover out of my 3 throttle barrels needed a good 6 or 7 twists before it tighted to where it should be. This brought the idle way down since the loose cover was keeping the throttle up. If I had ran it like this too long I would have lost a cylinder because of how lean it was running. I hope this helps and sorry for explaining it in such child like terms.

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