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**DONOTDELETE** 12-25-2000 09:45 AM

Frankenstein XLT - other polaris\'ers
got a line a on a couple sleds....
'89 indy 500 classic. warmers, elec start , etc. excellent cosmetic condition. 10000 miles with rebuild 500 ago. needs track and prolly some bearing work. asking $1200 obo.

'93 xlt special. excellent cosmetic condition. elec start 5100 miles. $1700 obo. motor???

what are the differences in the sleds? is a $500 jump in price worth 4 years and 5000 miles for the newer one?
xlt has a triple correct? what size? i am a beginner have to admit that.


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nashoba66 12-25-2000 07:37 PM

Re: Frankenstein XLT - other polaris\'ers
both should be good sleds, i would say that the xlt is probably worth the extra $500 depending on a few things. has it been rebuilt?
if not it will probably run around $100 to do that, i just put a new ring in my 94 stx and it ran me about 30 bucks. The xlt is a great
riding sled and the electric start will be great b/c they are a can be a bugger to start. The indy 500 would be good as well except that
you are sacrificing some ride quality with the older suspension. also if it needs a track that I would figure no less than $400 to
replace that. The xlt is a 580 triple, it runs very smooth, I rode a friends and loved. I think that either would be good, the only thing
with the 500 is that 10,000 miles is a lot and you will have a lot of maintenance to do if things haven't be regularly replaced. check
thinks like idler wheels, skis, carbides, picks, etc. for signs of excessive abuse. If possible take for a test ride just to listen for
excessive shakes and rattles. The polaris clutches are great but they need to be maintained like anything else so look them over as
well. good luck and have a merry christmas.


Matt M38A1 12-26-2000 06:11 PM

Re: Frankenstein XLT - other polaris\'ers
I am totally with Mark on his thoughts. However, I would add, don't be to concerned witht the XLT not having had a rebuild yet. Take a compression tester with you (buy one if you need to), and do all three cylinders. You should get 110-120 lbs depending on condition. Remember, no more than 10% difference between any two cylinders. Meaning if two are at 119, and the third is 90 there may be ring or cylinder issues.

I would go with the XLT. The track on the 500 will be a bitch to change, and isn't worth the hassle. On the XLT get the track off the gound and free wheel the idlers by hand. This way you can see if any bearings are bad (some will be). Don't sweat it they're 5 or 10 bucks at a bearing store. Grease the hell out of all suspension pivots front and rear. Inspect the primary clutch rollers for signs of rust. If it's there you'll know what I mean. Looks like ornage dust on the edges of the rollers (usually). That's a good sign the rollers are worn out and the clutch will need a rebuild.

4000 miles isn't too bad. My dad's 95 XLT has almost 5g and it runs great. It's all about upkeep.

**DONOTDELETE** 12-27-2000 02:55 AM

Re: Frankenstein XLT - other polaris\'ers
Oh man. It all depends. I have a '93 XLT Special....'errr, what used to be a '93 XLT Special. I ride it HARD. It needed rings at right around 5000 miles, but it's pretty cheap to do. If you keep it stock they are really reliable. I have a rule about buying sleds, yes- even new ones. If you don't have another $1000 to spend beyond the cost of the sled then you could be in for some headaches. I'd buy the XLT and ride it until it breaks than fix it. It's the best way to learn about sledding. LOL.... The XLT was one of the best sleds in the early '90's and can be made to run really FAST!!- of course with a tradeoff in reliability.

**DONOTDELETE** 12-27-2000 11:29 PM

Re: Frankenstein XLT - other polaris\'ers
Go for the XLT , re-ring it and go. Don't let that price fool you, i'll tell you right now that indy will cost more than the XLT, and you'll have a sled with twice as many miles, that's still not as fast, new, as good riding, as the XLT.

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