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**DONOTDELETE** 02-16-2000 11:58 PM

Snow Mobiling
Hey, I'm really new to snowmobiling and have rode on one a couple of times. But I'm going to start driving one and could use any tips or instruction on driving one from all you...I have never driven one so any help would be appreciated

**DONOTDELETE** 02-17-2000 11:05 AM

Re: Snow Mobiling
The first thing you should do is to pal up with somebody with allot of experience, somebody who can be your mentor. Then your mentor should take the time to show you how the machine operates and how to inspect the machine before even getting on it. You should learn the starting procedure, fueling procedure, and how and when to change your spark-plugs, belt and other wear items.

Once you begin riding, keep in mind that you are a beginner. The snowmobile may be capable of 90-100mph, but you should keep it below 50mph for your first couple rides (depending on your background. have you ridden dirtbikes, atv's previously?) Do not ride above your ability.

Learn how the machine handles. After you get a feel for the general handling of the machine you should learn how to do some basic manuevers before heading out on a long distance trip. This will make you over-all experience more enjoyable. You should learn how to go over snowbanks and railroad tracks. You should also learn how to approach oncoming snowmobiles and how to communicate with your riding partners. Also it's good to know how to dig your snowmobile out of a hole (as a beginner you will have to learn how to do this very soon, ha,ha.)

When you go out for your first ride, ride with somebody who will push you to the next level, but also understands your limitations.

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