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**DONOTDELETE** 02-16-2000 11:28 AM

Need Some SRV help
K, here's my problem... I was flying down the river the other day and the old SRV was just running fine, and then it just quit. It rolled to a stop and I checked it all over, gave it a pull and it started right back up. Just yesterday I was out again, and it quit again just like before. When I went to start it it was really bubbley, and backfired quite abit. The Idole went down and stayed at about 1000rpm. When I tryed to increase the throttle it just puttered out. I thew my spare plugs into it and they didn't help. I had to get a friend of mine to pull me back to the house.. This is my first sled and I'm trying to learn more about how these things work... so any ideas or comments would be great!


88 SRV

**DONOTDELETE** 02-16-2000 12:47 PM

Re: Need Some SRV help
I would check two things: 1) your CDI could be shot. If you can borrow one from someone else, swap it out and see if the other one works. 2) I'm not sure about the SRV, but my Phazers all had a TOR (throttle safety switch) connection that was notorious for causing intermittent electrical problems. Your manual should show you where it is. If you're lucky, it's the TOR and you can just bypass it. Hope this helps.

**DONOTDELETE** 02-16-2000 01:11 PM

Re: Need Some SRV help
I already bypassed the TOR... It was a problem for me last year. I think that the problem is the cdi. I replaced the ignition coil last season, so I'm sure that it is not that.

88 SRV

**DONOTDELETE** 03-06-2000 05:08 PM

Re: Need Some SRV help
Check your compression. My Phazer did the same thing. I wound up boring it, installing Wiseco pistons and rings. It screams (relatively) now and the fowled plug thing disappeared. Mine showed 80 and 89 PSI respectively when cold but when it throughly warmed up, it would foul plugs and crap out. With the fresh top end, it shows 130 and it takes noticeably more effort to rope start it which tells me that the compression has improved considerably. The piston set and the bore job ran just over $200. I did the wrenching myself.

**DONOTDELETE** 03-24-2000 11:25 PM

Re: Need Some SRV help
You could have burnt a piston too. I did the same thing to my SRV going down an eight mile straight away known as "Piston Alley" also know as "Crank Highway" well good luck and don't give up


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