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**DONOTDELETE** 01-31-2000 03:41 PM

the race...
Let me set the stage....

The contestants:
Me: 200 lbs
Sled: '95 Indy Storm 800cc
Mods: 144 studs
Other: New belt, replaced 8 idler bearings in the off season, excellent condition

Dave: 225lbs
Sled: 96 Ski-Doo Formula III 600cc
Mods: Unknown, but they are MINOR mods.
Other: New Belt, No studs, not immaculate condition (a little beat).

Jason: 190
Sled: '95 V-Max 600
Mods: None
Other: No studs, Craziest SOB in the bunch

Preview... The combined rider/sled weight advantage goes to Jason; the rider and the sled are both the lightest in the race. Next in line is Dave on his formula, my storm is definately more than 25lbs heavier than his formula nulling his heaviest in class body weight.

The race will be held in a wide open hay field with some small roling hills, which should make for a little "air time" when going back down the other side of the hill. The field is long enough to top out the machines for quite awhile and with plenty of room for braking at the opposite end. The field is tracked up very well, not bumpy, not too powdery. The riders "line" should not be a factor. Packed powder surface. After a few preliminary runs we are ready to race.

(The following events describe a typical run as we made several passes.)

On your mark, get set.... GO!

And there off! I jump out to an early lead with my traction advantace, Jason is next behind by about one sled length (this is the closest he would come to winning), Dave finally finds traction after losing about 1 1/2 sled lengths. As we head across the field I continue to increase my lead over Jason. Dave passes Jason within the first 60 yards. After 100 yards I have a good 10 feet gap between myself and Dave. Somewhere between 100-150 yards Dave starts to recover some lost ground. When we hit the 200 yard mark Dave using a tucking technique hunkers down below his windshield and pulls up beside me and within another 20 yards takes the lead with a 5 ft advantage. (We have no clue where Jason is at this point, probably choking on snow dust and cursing the day he bought his Yammy.) After recovering from the shock of being overtaken I attempt to hide behind my low windshield, to no avail. Although my sled continues to gain speed slowly 90mph, 95mph, 100mph to just over 105mph, I could only recover 10-15 inches from the 5ft. lead taken by Dave on his formula. And Dave takes the checkered flag at the end of the strip.

I am as surprised as anybody at the results of this race. This was the first time that I have topped my sled and frankly I wish that I hadn't. It has crushed my belief that I was riding a superior machine. Now I wonder why I am lugging around the extra weight for no speed advantage. One consulation however is that I have more horsepower (and traction)available for those short bursts of speed. Maybe I should concentrate on maximizing my bottom end, as we rarely use the top end around here.

**DONOTDELETE** 02-01-2000 02:08 PM

Re: the race...
How is it that a 600cc engine can beat your 800cc engine. I own a 1992 Polaris indy 650 rxl and lattely I have been disapointed. I maxed it out at 85mph! The guy I bought it from said he has clocked it at 94.5mph. And said there was still some left. I am really curios how fast a polaris indy 650 rxl is suppose to go!!!! It has 7,000 miles on it and hasn't had a tune up. So I am going to take it to a dealer for one. I checked cylinder compression and it seems perfect. What could be the problem or how fast is it suppose to go?

**DONOTDELETE** 02-16-2000 01:34 PM

Re: the race... (rematch)
I'm ready for a rematch... I discovered that my clutch was not functioning properly and the machine was not shifting into high gear. Checked the wear marks on the pulley and it appears that I had about 3/4" left. Had the problem fixed and I'm ready to try it out again.

**DONOTDELETE** 02-16-2000 03:29 PM

Re: the race...
well i have a 89 Mach 1 that would smoke all your sleds. with my sled weighing in at about 475 lbs plus mine of 170 lbs. the sled has beaten new mxz 700s, zrt 800s, 600s, mxz 670s, yammy 700 triples, you name it ive raced. Only been bet by a few sleds build more then mine. From about 0-110 no one can touch it on a stock sled. Welcome to any challenges.
happy racing

**DONOTDELETE** 02-16-2000 04:44 PM

Re: the race...
how bout some specs for that mach and maybe some pics...

<font color=red>89/91 cr 125</font color=red>
<font color=blue>89 Yamaha SRV</font color=blue>

**DONOTDELETE** 02-16-2000 07:34 PM

Re: the race...
well i dont have any pics but....the sled is bored .040 over, wiseco pistons, shaved, ported, polished, piped, clutched. Lightweight front end components, trailing arms, etc., 1.2" track, slp skis. Theres really nothing too crazy about this sled. The motor is really solid and overall the sled is light and hooks up excellent. Ill see if i can get some pics online.

**DONOTDELETE** 02-17-2000 11:43 AM

Re: the race...
I'll take a 98 (or newer MXz) and race you, but with a twist. 200 yards of 3-4ft deep moguls... I'll be waiting for you at the end.

**DONOTDELETE** 02-17-2000 01:08 PM

Re: the race...
you have a definite point there....this was strictly straight line racing on a turf farm with about 5 miles of flat terrain. i would be the one getting smoked in the moguls.

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