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**DONOTDELETE** 01-27-2000 07:28 PM

93 wildcat efi problems?
Does anyone know why would my 1993 Wildcat 700 efi have a dead throttle after about 3/4 throttle to full throttle? This problem is mostly there but sometimes go away. It seems like it happens at or around 100 mph. Also I have a friend with the same problem and he figures it's getting too much air into the hood as his newest magazine suggests. Also I would like to know the pro's and con's between fiber reeds and metal reeds, I heard that the fiber ones give you a little better power but they don't last as long as the metal ones, can anyone clarify these things for me PLEASE????????

**DONOTDELETE** 01-30-2000 10:39 AM

Re: 93 wildcat efi problems?
My 98 has the same problem. I thought it was bad fuel and ran some alcohol and it went away but when I cleaned my tank I noticed the pickup filter off. got it back on and am trying to figure out how to check the injectors. After reading your post I might be chasing the wrong problem. This year I put a d&d pipe chip and v-force reeds on. I also went to a lightwieght can. After cleaning the tank I noticed a hole in the can side where the bracket is welded on, about the size of a nickle. I put the stock can back on and now it idles smooth and much quieter. I just wonder if with the reeds and little or no backpressure it was messing the cpu up and sending false readings. i guess I'll find out next weekend, But I'd still like to know how to check the injectors to make sure they are really clear. I used to check my carbs every year. Let us know if you have found out anything

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