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**DONOTDELETE** 12-29-1999 11:22 AM

i am trying to get into snowmobiling but i dont know anything about it. first question i have is braking on snowmobiles. What are the different types, if there are different types, and which type is best for what reasons? Next question is suspension. I race motocross so i have a basic understanding of suspension, but i have no idea what kind snowmobiles have. what are the best types? what should i look for in a snowmobile? next important is displacement? after i decide to get a snowmobile, is it possible to test ride one at a dealer? and should i buy new or used? any help or info would be great. i cant wait to get my first snowmobile and hit the trails. thanks

**DONOTDELETE** 12-29-1999 03:59 PM

Re: brakes
To start with, I believe it's always better to buy new if you can afford it. There's no sense in buying someone else's problems. Also, with a new sled, you'll have the warranty that goes with it.
Let's talk displacement (cc's). This is a personal choice, but since you are just starting out, you might want to look at something in the 600 class. Anything bigger might be a bit much. All the major manufacturers (arctic cat, yamaha, ski-doo, and polaris) produce excellent sleds in the 600 class.
The type of riding you plan to do should determine the type of sled you buy (trail, mountain, etc.). As for suspension and brakes on the newer sleds, they are all very good, and all will do the job. Technology has made leaps and bounds in the snowmobile industry in just the last 5 years.
And last, don't be afraid to ask alot of people who snowmobile questions about what sled they prefer, and what to look for. Contact dealers in your area and get as much information as you can before you decide on one brand or type of sled. Once you've made your choice on the type of snowmobile, you can't go wrong with whatever brand you decide to buy!

P.S.- And welcome to the world of snowmobiling!, there is NOTHING like it!

**DONOTDELETE** 12-29-1999 04:22 PM

Re: brakes
maybe you should try renting a snowmobile first, just to see if you actually will enjoy sledding (which you probably will) and to give you a basic idea of what displacement gives out what amount of power, so you can judge how big of a sled by that, if that makes any sense at all. As for brakes, most new sleds have hydraulic brakes, much similar to your motocross bikes. They usually have a resevoir in the same place as your bike, except on the opposite side (where the clutch would be) polaris also makes a liqiud cooled hydralic braking system, im not sure what it the liquid cooling does though.

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